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If you’re genuinely born again, you’re a saint, not a sinner.

Yet how many times have you heard the phrase “We’re all sinners” in relation to Christians?

If you’ve heard it even once, that’s already one time too many.

Catholicism states that you can’t be a saint unless you’re dead and a pope decrees you’re a saint.

Then Catholics are told to pray to you and you get a day named after you and maybe even some made-in-China trinkets molded in your image.

That’s right – in total violation of what God says in the Old Testament about praying to dead people or making graven images, Catholicism orders you to do both, if you’re a ‘good Catholic’.

A sinner is someone who is unholy. Born-agains certainly have the potential to be unholy (we’ll have that potential, through our free will, until the day we die), but by definition we can’t be sinners because then God’s holy spirit wouldn’t be with us. And if God’s holy spirit isn’t with us, then we’re not, by definition, born again.

God’s holy spirit cannot be in the same place as an unholy spirit. The two are mutually exclusive. Where evil dwells, God’s spirit will not dwell. You can’t have demons and God’s spirit in you at the same time.

You cannot be holy and unholy.

So you see the difficulty with born-again Christians being told they’re sinners.

We’re born sinners, but we’re born again saints.

The next time a preacher calls you a sinner even knowing you’re a born-again Christian, tell that preacher he’s dead wrong. You’re a saint. And if the preacher or the pope has a problem with you calling yourself a saint, tell them to take it up with God.


  1. We are called to be saints, that’s the biblical teaching. Before we were called Christians we were called Saints, that was the term used for the first Christians. Do some research for yourself.


  2. Not sure what your point is, “My Soul as Is”. My argument is that, as born-agains, we’re not sinners. Paul referred to “saints” in his letters; he was referring to born-agains. The point of my blog is that some preachers today are calling born-again Christians “sinners”, and in doing so, they are clearly wrong. This is my point. Still not sure what yours is.


  3. glorifiedart says:

    We just started a series this last Sunday at our church in Ephesians on our identity as believers and one of our pastors was talking about this very thing! Such a great reminder in the middle of pur crazy, everyday lives, where it’s easy to get caught up in all the negativity.


    • Yes, glorifiedart, we certainly do need to be reminded of who we really are because the ‘spirit of the world’ is working overtime to try to convince us we’re otherwise. I’m thinking of getting my name legally changed to “Saint Charlotte”, or at least getting it embroidered on a set of hand towels. 😉

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