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jesus is the answer

God is tenacious.

Even while respecting our free will to spiritually self-destruct, he never gives up on us.

I was standing at a bus stop earlier today when an old woman trundled by. She was slowly pushing a heavily laden four-wheeled utility cart. It was a sturdy contraption meant for hauling heavy loads and she had it piled high with an assortment of mismatched cloth bags stuffed to bursting with what I assumed were her earthly possessions. But what caught my eye was the roughly 2-foot square plain white sign attached to the front of her cart that proclaimed in bold black script: “JESUS IS THE ANSWER”.

She didn’t say a word but simply wove in and out among the passengers as they stood waiting for their buses. Most were fixated on their phones and probably didn’t notice her rolling by.

Or did they? (more…)