The early church gathered to worship God as followers of Jesus on pain of death. They faced the threat of torture and death simply for being Christians, but that didn’t stop them from following Jesus. They chose torture and death rather than be separated from God. Contrast this with today’s alleged Christians who willingly and without any pushback agree to have their places of worship shut down, who agree to be dictated to by the state regarding the number of people who can worship together, and who agree to cover their faces before God, which is a complete and total denial of what Jesus accomplished on the cross. These are not Christians; they are snivelling cowards who bow to the puppets of the synagogue of Satan.

Are you a synagogue of Satan-worshiping coward, too? Are you allowing the government to intrude on your worship of God? If so, shame on you and give your head a shake! Nothing should come between you and God and your worship of God. No earthly authority has any power to come between you and God and your worship of God. THAT’S WHY JESUS DIED – TO PAY THE SIN DEBT AND ENABLE YOU TO HAVE A ONE-ON-ONE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD AND POWER OVER THE EVIL SPIRITS THAT CONTROL THE WORLD. If you willingly allow the state to intrude on your relationship with God, you are nullifying Jesus’ sacrifice. If the threat of a fine or imprisonment is stopping you from being a Christian and worshiping God, then you are no follower of Jesus: you are a follower of Satan, even though you might not know it. God put the world under the authority of Satan, so if you if bow to government decrees regarding when and where and how you can worship God, you are bowing to Satan.

Jesus preached and taught the Word on pain of death. The early Christians likewise preached and taught the Word on pain of death. Christians today in Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia are being imprisoned, tortured and killed for professing Jesus. It is now our time here in the formerly Christian Western world to be persecuted for being Christians.

Any government decree that comes between you and your public worship of God is a form of persecution. Jesus warned his followers that they would be persecuted, imprisoned and killed simply for being his followers, so we should expect imprisonment and death to follow our non-compliance with government decrees regarding our worship of God and preaching of the Word. Again: WE SHOULD EXPECT IMPRISONMENT AND DEATH TO FOLLOW OUR NON-COMPLIANCE WITH GOVERNMENT DECREES REGARDING OUR WORSHIP OF GOD AND PREACHING OF THE WORD.

These tribulations are tests.  God wants to know if we mean what we say or are just lip-servers. God wants us to prove that we choose him over Satan. God wants to know if we will remain loyal to him under torture and pain of death and will die with blessings and not curses on our lips, like Jesus did. These are not idle words; this is the price that must be paid by all Christians during the time of tribulation if they are to get the reward of Heaven. Jesus warned us as much, but Satan has lulled us into a half-sleep where we believe that being a follower of Jesus just means saying we’re Christians, being “nice” and “tolerant”, showing up at “church” for an hour on Sundays, and throwing a few bucks into the collection basket.

The time to stand up is now. The time to defy government mandates is now. NOTHING SHOULD COME BETWEEN YOU AND GOD AND YOUR WORSHIP OF GOD. NOTHING SHOULD STOP YOU FROM PREACHING AND TEACHING THE WORD. If you are threatened with imprisonment in one area, you move to another, but you DON’T STOP WORSHIPING GOD OR PREACHING THE WORD. NEVER stop worshiping God or preaching the Word, not on pain of a fine, not on pain of imprisonment, and not on pain of death. If you are killed for choosing to obey God rather than the satanic state, then you die in good company. But remember to die with blessings rather than curses on your lips.

Remember to die with blessings rather than curses on your lips.

I cannot stress that enough.

Live like Jesus and die like Jesus.

Then you get to go home.

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