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Silence in Heaven.jpg

Silence in Heaven.

Imagine that!

Chapter 8 in Revelation foretells a time when Heaven will fall silent.

Why would Heaven fall silent?



The Great Divide

The Great Divide is not a geographical division but a spiritual one.

At some point, when the “times of the gentiles have been fulfilled”, every person who is yet alive on Earth will receive either God’s seal or the mark of the beast.

There is no third option.

At that time, if you are still alive and not a born-again follower of Jesus, you will willingly take the mark. No-one will force you to take it: you will willingly take it. You will not be deceived into taking it. You will not take it out of hunger or because you fear for your life or the life of your loved ones: you will willingly take it. I cannot stress this fact enough — that those who receive the mark will take it willingly. Some people are afraid that they might be tricked or forced into taking the mark, but this is not how it will be.

All those who bear God’s seal will clearly see the beast’s mark for what it is and will want nothing to do with it, even on pain of death. In contrast, everyone who does not bear God’s seal will willingly and unhesitatingly take the mark as if it were something to be desired, something of benefit to them, something they could never imagine doing without. The beast’s mark will be taken with complete compliance, the way some people now take flu vaccines, thinking the injected poison is good for them. Those who bear the beast’s mark will hate and hunt down all those without it.

God’s seal, on the other hand, is completely different. You will have no part in deciding whether or not you receive God’s seal. Your will plays no role here. God alone decides.

God’s seal is invisible to everyone but to those who have eyes to see and those whose principal dwelling is the spirit realm.

As scripture tells us, people who are sealed by God cannot be harmed by God’s angels of vengeance. Every spirit will see God’s seal just as clearly as every human will see the beast’s mark. The spirits are forbidden to harm those who bear God’s seal, but it’s “open season” on those who bear the beast’s mark.

Pray to be found worthy to receive God’s seal. And then pray to continue to be found worthy, because even some who receive God’s seal will fall away as times get worse and worse and lawlessness takes over the whole world.

Pray to be found worthy, and pray to continue to be found worthy to your dying breath.