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gray state

David Crowley, the 29-year-old writer, producer, director, editor, VFX artist and composer for the controversial film project “Gray State”, was found dead with his wife and five-year-old daughter. The police state that it is an “apparent murder-suicide”, without providing any details about who actually did the killing. Here is the trailer for the film:

I hope a full investigation is made into the deaths, but I doubt there will be one. It sounds to me like a hit, an assassination, or what we conspiracy buffs like to call “a suiciding” to silence a truth-teller before he became too dangerous (meaning, before he was in a position to wake too many people up to the truth about the NWO). Most of these types of assassinations are framed to appear either as suicides or as murder-suicides. In every instance, without exception, there is NO history of depression, and the murdered individual is on the brink of a break-out that would take his or her truth-telling to the next level.  PRAY THAT SOMEONE WITH THE SAME COURAGE, FOCUS, INTEGRITY AND VISION AS CROWLEY WILL CONTINUE WITH THE PROJECT, so that the movie will be made.

This movie must be made.

Obvious suicidings such as this one are done to send a warning message to others that the same fate awaits them if they continue exposing the NWO. But how cold and far removed from God the humans who perpetrated this crime must be, to have killed a five-year-old little girl. We must pray for the killers, even as we expose and condemn their acts.

News like this makes us sad for a moment, but then strengthens us to continue fighting for truth. The world is under Satan, as Jesus told us, but we need not be. The truth is always stronger than lies, but it needs to be shouted from the rooftop at high noon, not whispered in the darkness at midnight. Let us continue to shout, and in this way honor and carry on the work of truth-tellers who have suffered at the hands of Satan’s minions.

What these emissaries of hell don’t seem to realize is that the more of us they kill, the stronger become those truth-tellers still standing.

Pray for those who suffer under the children of the Father of Lies, and pray also for those wayward, suffering children.

Love your enemies,


Below are some links to recent interviews with David Crowley. As you’ll see, Crowley was articulate, passionate, intelligent, good-looking, young, vibrant, brave, balanced, profoundly gifted as a script-writer and artistic director, and heavily invested in exposing the NWO.

He was a true potential visionary and leader for this generation. People would have believed his movie.

That’s why he was killed.