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Open for business

We’ve been hearing a lot of news stories lately about “Christian bakeries” and “Christian pizzerias” and “Christian florists” who are being sued for not wanting to cater certain weddings. People have rallied behind the “Christians” to prevent them from losing their businesses, but is this really what God wants?


The terms “Christian” and “business” do not belong together.


Jesus didn’t tell us to go out in the world and start a business, call it “Christian”, and refuse to serve people whose behavior offends us in some way. He said to go out in the world and preach the Good News. Calling your business “Christian” and then adopting a holier-than-thou attitude about some potential customers is just plain wrong. In a word, it’s anti-Christ.


If you have a business, you serve whoever comes to you. If you find you can no longer do that, you get out of the business. You don’t use your belief system as an excuse to discriminate against people – because that’s what it is: DISCRIMINATION.


Shame on those Christians who refuse to serve people because they’re not Christian!


Shame on them.


That kind of discrimination is no better than corralling black people to the back of the bus. That was wrong, and so is refusing to cater a ‘wedding’ for people whose values you don’t share. I can only wonder how many ‘weddings’ of divorced people these same so-called Christian businesses have catered without a murmur.


It’s not the atheists that are the problem, it’s the religious hypocrites.


If you’re working in the world, you serve all people – without discrimination – just like God does.


If you can’t do that, stop working in the world. But don’t hide behind a “Christian” label and attribute your small-mindedness to God or Jesus, because it has nothing to do with them.