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A judgement is falling on former Christian nations.

It has come in the form of loss of freedoms and serves as a warning of worse to come if those nations don’t return to their Christian roots. A nation’s level of freedom reflects that nation’s godliness. Considering the current state of the world, it’s no wonder there are now few if any nations that we can honestly call free.

Canada, for example, is in the grips of near civil war for the first time in its history, but also for the first time in its history, only a minority of Canadians identify as Christian, while the majority voice their support for the mass murder of their fellow Canadians through abortion and euthanasia. Abortion has been legal in Canada for some time, and euthanasia was legalized in 2016. What’s changed over the past few years is the majority’s vocal support for these abominations. Murder-on-demand (i.e., abortion and euthanasia) has also become progressively easier to access as a free “healthcare service”.

Do you think a nation in which the vast majority of the population supports the mass murder of its most vulnerable deserves the same degree of freedom as a nation that deplores the mass murder of its people? Because I don’t in any way believe that an ungodly nation – which is what Canada has become in more ways than can be mentioned here – I don’t believe that an ungodly nation deserves the same degree of freedom as a godly one.

Like all formerly Christian nations, Canada has become a stronghold of the ungodly and is now reaping the rewards of that ungodliness through loss of freedoms, as well as through a crumbling economy, out-of-control immigration, appalling political leadership, and a state of near civil war. All formerly Christian nations are more or less in the same broken condition.

A nation where the majority has outright rejected God and his Messiah deserves very little freedom, and that appears to be what Canada has brought on itself. A nation’s leadership isn’t imposed on a people; a nation’s leadership is earned. So if the people of Canada are unhappy with their leaders, they have only themselves to blame.

I believe that scripture backs me up when I say that such a judgement has been seen before by those who strayed too far from God’s laws. The children of Israel also suffered the same warning judgments a few times in their history before God permanently cut them off. Christians are not yet at the point of being permanently cut off, but they’re definitely nearing it. They’re more at the stage where they’re about to be marched off to spiritual Babylon while their nation is plundered and destroyed.

I am not against a people’s cry for freedom – that cry rings loud and clear in my own heart – but freedom can’t reign where sin runs rampant, and sin is running rampant in former Christian nations. The only way out of this devolving situation is for the majority of the population to turn back to God, but I don’t see that happening any time soon, if ever. This is a dismal prognosis and an honest one.

The sole remedy is for the few remaining Christians to separate themselves, if not physically then at least spiritually, from those nations so that they don’t share in the judgement that is coming on all Christendom.

HOW TO MAKE A NATION FREE: A born-again believer’s view of Canada’s Freedom Convoy

You don’t get rid of your chains by rattling them – you just further enrage yourself and provide amusement for those who applied your chains.

The only way to get rid of chains is to repent and live the Gospel.

I mention this because there is currently a “Freedom Convoy” converging on Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. Thousands of truckers are rolling in from all points in Canada and the U.S., cheered on by roadside flag-waving supporters and a multi-million-dollar gofundme campaign. The participating truckers and their supporters are protesting Canada’s health-related mandates. The truckers plan to remain in Ottawa until all the mandates are dropped.

As a Canadian, I wish I could be happy about the Freedom Convoy. I wish I weren’t a party-pooper. I wish that regaining freedom were as simple as rolling into a nation’s capital in a big rig and waving a laundry list of demands like a magic wand. But that’s not how the world works because that’s not how God’s justice works.

The world is the way it is as the result of people’s thoughts and actions, mitigated by God’s mercy. The world is God’s justice playing out in real time. The mandates are part of it. The more godly the thoughts and actions of the people living in a particular place, the freer that place is. When I say “godly”, I mean treating other people as you want to be treated. I mean fearing God and following the Ten Commandments. I mean being honest, polite, and hard-working, and having integrity. This is the way most people in former Christian countries used to be, which is why those countries used to be free. The countries weren’t free because the citizens protested their way into freedom. Protesting brings only negative rewards, not positive ones. Moses very clearly explained that freedom is the reward of a godly society, which is why former Christian nations have now devolved into medical dictatorships. The mandates and those who decree them aren’t to blame for this state of affairs; the people living in the nations are.

You don’t gain (or regain) freedom by protesting the way the world is, because what you’re essentially doing is protesting God’s justice. When you protest, you’re fighting against God. This is why Jesus never protested the Roman occupation of Israel and Judah, like Barabbas did. Jesus’ only arguments were against people in positions of authority who misrepresented God and scripture. But the way the world was, Jesus let be. It was not his concern. He was not interested in fighting against the well-deserved Roman occupation of Israel and Judah because he wasn’t interested in fighting against God.

As born-again believers, we have to be very, very, very careful not to fall into the trap of believing that freedom and justice can be achieved by protesting and killing. This is a temptation of the devil, to believe that good can come from bad. Good can only come from good, just as bad can only come from bad. The trucker protest in Canada is a protest against the earned rewards of a society that has rejected God and his Way. Canada has fallen into a state of medical tyranny not because the country’s politicians and policy-makers have imposed draconian mandates, but because the thoughts and actions of the people now living there have earned the tyranny. The imposition of the mandates is the reward for Canada’s devolvement into an ungodly nation.

In other words, the worse the thoughts and actions of the people living in Canada, the worse the living conditions will be there. The politicians and policy-makers are only administering God’s justice. Even if the mandates were dropped, the negative rewards that are due would simply manifest as something else equally unpleasant. There is no escaping God’s justice. In fact, trying to escape it only makes the negative rewards worse.

I’m reminded of a young child who is told to go to his room as a punishment for being naughty, and he protests the punishment by throwing a tantrum. When you support protests, you’re participating in the tantrum. Born-again believers need to stay far, far away from supporting protests. We understand that the world is the way it is as the result of God’s justice playing out in real time, and that fighting against the way the world is, is fighting against God.

We need instead to be like Jesus and to focus on preaching and teaching the Kingdom. We need to treat others as we would want to be treated, and we need to fear God, keep the Commandments, and do our best to be honest, polite, and hard-working. We need to have integrity in everything we do. And we need to do all this in sufficient numbers, to make it count. That is how you make a nation free, not by protesting.


I know a thing or two about spiritual strongholds from personal experience. Before I was born again over 20 years ago, I was under several strongholds, none of them good. You know you’re under a bad spiritual stronghold when no matter how hard you try to get away from something or someone, you cannot, you keep going back despite your best intentions. It has control over you in a way that defies logic. It’s way too strong for you and it holds you. That’s why it’s called a stronghold.

For example, I was in what some people would call a “toxic” relationship. There was nothing good in it besides the physical aspect. The relationship was built on lies and deceit and abuse on both sides, but I could not tear myself away from it. Even with the help of family and friends and law enforcement, I still went back to the relationship time and time again. This went on for nearly five years, until I was reborn. After that, I could not tolerate the physical aspect of the relationship anymore and I felt a different kind of affection for the person. The stronghold had been broken, and I was able to leave on good terms, and permanently.

When I was reborn, all of the demonic strongholds over me were broken in an instant. Spiritual rebirth is actually an exorcism of the spirits that have dominion over unbelievers. It’s the breaking of what used to be called a spell. Some unbelievers have only one or two of these spirits holding sway over them, while others have dozens. I had at least dozens, and some were exceedingly strong, like the one that made me desire alcohol. But rebirth broke the hold of them all and in one fell swoop and placed me under the power and protection of God’s Holy Spirit.

No spiritual stronghold is stronger than God’s Holy Spirit. Even all the demon spirits combined cannot overpower God’s Holy Spirit. This is the stronghold under which I now live and breathe and move. This is God’s Kingdom on Earth.

I mention the existence of spiritual strongholds because most of the world is currently under a particularly insidious one. People are being ruled by fear and are incapable of processing information in a logical or reasoned way. Jesus called this being blind and deaf. They are spiritually blind and deaf because of the power of the stronghold over them. You cannot break this stronghold (or in fact any stronghold) using reason or logical arguments. Facts are also useless against the spell. Only God has the power to break the stronghold, and he’ll only do that if people cry out for help.

God gave us free will as a gift; it’s all that we can really call our own. Our body is not our own, our soul is not our own, even our earthly possessions are not our own. They all belong to God. All we can claim as our own is our free will. And because we own it free and clear, our free will is respected by God and he will not override it without our consent. Bad spiritual strongholds will remain in place as long as people make choices that keep them in place. But the minute they cry out for help, God will swoop in to help them. Whether they choose to accept his help is up to them.

When I cried out for help on the day I was reborn, God heard me before the words had even left my lips. He then showed me my options (which in my case were to choose to forgive or not to forgive someone who had done me grave wrong [this is not the same person I was in the mutually toxic relationship with]). God also showed me the consequences of each of those two choices. I chose to forgive solely based on the consequence of the choice to forgive, which was that the pain would stop. In choosing to forgive, God then forgave me, and the demons that had hold of me were exorcised. They were banished, and with them went the pain. In their place, God’s Holy Spirit rushed in and has remained with me for over 20 years. Saying yes to choosing to forgive was the best decision I ever made in my life, and the good repercussions of that decision resonate to this day.

Demonic spiritual strongholds can only be broken by God’s Holy Spirit, and only if the person under the stronghold first of all wants out and second of all accepts God’s rescue terms. If instead of choosing to forgive I had chosen not to forgive, the demonic strongholds imprisoning me would not have been broken, and more would have been added. I don’t think about that option because I know it ends in the lake of fire. There is no other way for it to end. God would not have given me another chance to break free of the strongholds. That was my moment; that was my visitation; that was my one and only opportunity. Thank God I chose freedom under God’s Holy Spirit rather than continued and worsening imprisonment under demonic spirits. Thank God that God showed me the right choice to make. He didn’t coerce me; he didn’t force me; he just shone a bright light on the right choice, and I chose it.

Jesus tells us in scripture that the world is under Satan. The world’s people will remain under the authority of Satan and his demons as long as they choose to remain under it. You cannot break that stronghold; only God can, and only if people want him to.


good better best

Jesus is the greatest of all freedom fighters. He told us that knowing the truth will make us free, and so it does. God is truth, so knowing God as our Dad brings us into God’s kingdom on Earth and makes us free from the attacks of our spiritual enemies. This is the true freedom that God promised Israel through the Old Testament prophets. This is true safety and security, not the fake one promoted by the Homeland Security organizations of the world. As long as we keep wanting and choosing what God wants for us (knowing that God wants only the best), then we are secure in our safety and freedom.


But at the same time God loves and encourages free thought. In fact, he loves the notion of free thought so much that he embedded it in the concept of free will. We are free to think our way into choosing what God knows is best for us, and we are equally free to think our way into rejecting it.


We are as free to be illogical and wrong in our thought processes as we are free to be logical and correct.


Why would God do that? Why wouldn’t he just make us receptive only to correctness rather than allow us to doubt and make wrong choices based on those doubts?


God loves it when we use the gifts he’s given us, and the gifts he loves us most to use are free thought and free will. God doesn’t want automatons serving him; he doesn’t want forced obedience: he wants us to come to him because we want to come to him. He wants us to weigh the pros and cons (do a cost/benefit analysis, if you will) and then decide what we think is best. Of course, he’s always putting in his two cents’ worth; he never leaves us guessing as to which option is the right one. He wrote his laws on our hearts, and if we’re still not sure, he gave us scripture, his spirit, and Jesus.


I love Jesus! He’s such a cool guy. Nothing ever fazes him. That’s because, when he was in his Earthly body, he lived fully in God’s promise of freedom, protection and security. That doesn’t mean, however, that he automatically did God’s will in everything – no, not at all. He took advantage of his free thought and free will to try to negotiate better terms with God.


One of these famous “negotiations” played out in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before Jesus was crucified. God had earlier told Jesus what was going to happen to him, and certainly Jesus knew from scripture what was going to happen to him, but he didn’t like it. Not one bit. And why would he? He was a virile young man in the peak of health. He didn’t want to die, and certainly not the way that was laid out for him. If he had willingly embraced his humiliation and crucifixion and gone marching to his death with a smile on his face, he would have been insane, and Jesus most certainly was not insane. So, trying to wheedle maybe a few more days or weeks or even hours out of God, Jesus asks him if there’s some other way he can do what needs to be done. He asks him once, and God says “No.” He asks him again, and again God says “No.” He asks him a third time, and when God’s answer is still “No”, Jesus throws in the towel and says he’ll do it.


Does he do it with a smile on his face? Not at all. We know from scripture that he barely spoke a word from that moment onwards. With his God-given free thought, Jesus weighed the pros and cons of what was required of him to be the Messiah. He also used it to try to find some way around the worst of the requirements, but God wasn’t budging. Still, he let Jesus think it through. Still, he stood firm while Jesus tried to find a short-cut that would not involve crucifixion. When the combined witness of God, scripture and his own heart showed Jesus that the best way to do what had to be done was simply to do it, Jesus conceded. He wasn’t coerced; he wasn’t forced; he could have said “no” and gone down another path that might have ended with him marrying Mary Magdalene and bouncing 12 Junior Jesus’s on his knee, but he deduced, through logic and God’s witness, that choosing God’s way was the best way to achieve his goal of Messiahship, so he chose it. God then strengthened him, and less than 24 hours later, Jesus took his place forever at the right hand of God.


David had a similar clash of wills with God over David’s first-born with Bathsheba. Through the prophet Nathan, God informed David that the child would fall ill and die, but David reasoned that maybe God would change his mind if he fasted and prayed and mourned. So, he held vigil for seven days and nights, refusing to eat or drink or even talk to anyone. Despite David’s efforts, the child died, but instead of mourning his death, David got up, took a shower, grabbed a bite to eat, and then headed over to Bathsheba’s private suite to “comfort” her in the Biblical way. His servants are taken aback by what they saw was his odd behavior at the death of his son, but he explained that while his child was still alive, there was a chance that God would change his mind and let the child live. The child’s death signaled that God would not change his mind, so David conceded. It was as simple as that. And at David’s concession, God strengthened him, and Solomon was conceived that very night.


God not only allows us but encourages us to use our free thought and free will. He invites us to align our wills with his not by coercion but by logical choice. God wants only the best for us, but sometimes no pain means no gain. God protects us spiritually, but spiritual protection doesn’t mean that we won’t have to suffer pain while still in our Earthly bodies. We need to make up our mind to accept that now, because, as with Jesus and David, some form of pain is almost definitely going to be in the cards if we intend to “endure to the end”. Still, maybe God will give us some wiggle room; who knows? It never hurts to ask. But if you do ask, and he doesn’t budge, you can be sure that what awaits you on the other side of that temporary pain is a whole lot of gain beyond your wildest dreams.