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CAMPBELLTON, New Brunswick, May 22, 2023 – There is no love without God.

Only God is love, so where God is not welcome, there can be no love.

What many people call love is a mimicry of love expressed through a wide range of emotions such as companionable comfort, physical desire, the need to be loved, and even obsession, but none of these emotions – however strong, enduring, or overwhelming – is love.

Where God is not involved, there can be no love, because God is love.

God rarely blesses relationships these days because most people exclude him from their lives. Where God is not invited to bless a relationship and where the people in the relationship are not living godly lives, what these people feel for each other is not love, even though they might label it as such.

God will not go where he is not welcome. If you live your life denying God and his Word, you will not experience love. You might experience what seems like love, but it isn’t love: It can’t be love. If you’ve rejected God and Jesus, you’ve closed your heart to them, which means you’ve closed your heart to love.

We need to remember this indisputable spiritual fact when people who stand in open defiance of God insist that what they feel for each other is love, and then demand that we see it and accept it as such. The truth of the matter is that whatever these people feel for each other, it’s not love. How can it be love when God’s not involved?

You cannot force God to bless sin, and you cannot love God and support sin at the same time. As followers of Jesus, we are to pray for those who are deluded by sin into believing that what they feel is love, but we’re not obligated to support their delusion. When we support their delusion, we deny God and spit in the face of Jesus. We are under no obligation before God or any worldly authority to support the delusions of sinners; our obligation to sinners is to pray for them and to help them if they come to us for help (that is, to feed them if they’re hungry, give them a drink if they’re thirsty, house them if they’re homeless, clothe them if they’re naked, and visit them if they’re sick or in prison).

But we are not obligated to deny that God – and God only – is the sole source of love, and we are not obligated to bless a relationship rooted in sin.

Please remember that.