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(I touched on this subject in yesterday’s BIBLE READ-THROUGH #23 reflection, but it deserves a separate entry of its own.)

Are you giving everything you’ve got to God, or are you holding something back? What are you still giving to the world that you know you should be giving to God?

When I was reading Isaiah yesterday, I saw someone standing before God on Judgement Day and God asking the person: “Why did you hold back on me? When you knew you should give me everything, why did you hold back?” His tone wasn’t angry. He wasn’t upset. If anything, he was sad, and he was listening intently to hear the person’s response.

Jesus says that by our words we are justified and by our words we are condemned. If we know that we should do something and choose not to do it, we have no-one but ourselves to blame. When we stand before God on Judgement Day and he asks us why we held back a part of ourselves from him even though we knew we shouldn’t, we will have no option but to tell him the Truth. You cannot lie to God. It is impossible to stand before God and lie. You can’t lie, you can’t doubt, you can’t dissemble, you can’t even argue. Any form of communication that is shades of gray rather than plain black or white is disabled when you stand before God.

So what are YOU holding back from God? If you die tonight and the next thing you know you’re standing before God on Judgement Day, what will you say to him when he asks you why you didn’t give him everything?

What will you say?

Will you tell him you were too busy? You didn’t have time? You were working two jobs and trying to pay off your debts? That you wanted to think about it for a while? That you’d planned on giving him everything, but you were waiting until the time was right?

That you were waiting until the time was right?

If you’re reading this now and you haven’t yet given everything to God, the time is right. The time will never be more right than it is right here and right now. You will not survive what’s coming unless you are fully under God’s protection as a born-again follower of Jesus, and that means giving everything you have to God, holding nothing back.