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They didn’t hide it from us. They told us outright that this would be the last generation. They even called it “Z”, in case they hadn’t made themselves clear enough. We have no excuse not to know, other than that we’re not paying attention, not watching, as Jesus told us to do.

This would be the last generation of humans, but not the last generation overall. What comes next is a new breed of humans, a human-machine hybrid that, over time, will become more machine than human. The capacity for pain and emotion will slowly be reduced until it seems to have disappeared, and with it the capacity for empathy, for sympathy, for love. It is easy enough to remove those capacities. It has been done already through shock treatments and lobotomies. But physically or chemically lobotomized humans also lose their ability to function beyond a vegetative state, and shock treatments are reversible. So these methods are inadequate for the task of creating new homes for demons.

Because that’s what it is – creating new homes for demons. Spirits are disembodied beings. They can only occupy souls that have welcomed them in; otherwise, they are permitted only drive-by possessions that last a few minutes or even seconds, but they can’t remain in their hosts unless they’re invited to stay. The new human-machine hybrid that has a near non-existent capacity for love or fear becomes an ideal vehicle for these beings, who then have full use of a fully-functioning body not for a few seconds or minutes, but for a life-time.

This is our future. We know that when the curtain falls on the age of Mercy, the age of Judgement begins. We also know from scripture that the age of Judgement is peopled for a time, and that there are two kinds of people – those marked by God, and those marked by Satan. Those marked by God can still fall (scripture says they’ll be tried, and some will fall), but those marked by Satan will no longer be able to convert. The time for God’s Mercy will be over.

We also know from scripture that many of those marked by Satan will possess superhuman abilities, including the ability to avoid physical death for a time. Those who are eternally beyond God’s Mercy will, by default, be vehicles for demonic spirits. When I say “demonic”, I mean all fallen spirits, including angels.

So as we enter the dawning of human-machine hybrids, we know that the age of Mercy is coming to an end and the age of Judgement is not far off. Injections of nanobots have been proven to reduce the capacities both for pain and emotion, while physical implants and prosthetics have been proven to increase human physical strength and endurance. The people who embrace these new technologies will be the new giants who will not only have a profound physical advantage over “mere humans”, but also a profound mental advantage.

Evil spirits used to be known as intelligences for their supernatural capacity to know things. When these spirits move into their new supercharged human-machine hybrid bodies and take control of them, they will be like gods.

But we born-again believers have one God, and we will not fall prey to the propaganda of wanting to have extended lives in a human-machine hybrid body with the intelligence of demons. We will patiently wait in our fully human mortal body with all its limitations and weaknesses – we will patiently wait for God to take us home in his time, where we will receive our glorified body. Even super-charged human-machine hybrid bodies with godlike intelligence are but filthy rags compared to glorified bodies.

The temptation to know more than we should, be more than we should, and live longer than we should is as old as humanity. Eve was tempted with these very same things in the Garden. The temptation hasn’t changed since then, other than to be glossily repackaged as science. But Satan leaves his fingerprints all over whatever isn’t from God, so we can clearly discern the devil in the details.

Be strong and stay true to God. Be grateful for your God-given natural body. Don’t hate it, don’t deny it, don’t shun it, and don’t mortify it; look after it as the temple of God’s Spirit. God has put your body into your hands to look after, so look after it the best you can: “Let your food be medicine and your medicine be food.” And then one day, if you stay true to God and keep to the path laid out for you by Jesus, you’ll receive a beautiful, youthful, God-given perfected body, and you’ll live in it in glory forever.


whine expert

Whining as a born-again believer has to be the most ridiculous waste of time that any of us can indulge in, and yet we still do it. I stand as guilty of this silly offence as the next person. Whining is an indication that faith is momentarily weak, that we’ve forgotten that God is in control, and that things are as they are not because God is vindictive and wants us to suffer, but because we’ve either brought the ‘suffering’ on ourselves, or we’ve had expectations that were not to our benefit and so were nixed by God.

In other words, we chose against God’s will.

This is not necessarily the end of our or anyone else’s world, but it is a wake-up call.

Following Jesus means living more or less opposed to everyone who isn’t following Jesus. In case you haven’t noticed, that’s pretty much the whole world that we’re living opposed to, so it shouldn’t be surprising to us (and it certainly isn’t to God) that sometimes we’ll want what the world wants, not what God wants. Just call it peer pressure.

When that happens, don’t be too hard on yourself. Recognize it for what it is, and go to God for help. Yell at him if you want to (he’s got industrial-grade earplugs for moments like these), but remember who’s the source of all good. It’s not you, it’s not me, it’s not the government, it’s not anyone or anything but God.

Think of how Jesus lived. He was for all intents and purposes homeless. He had no money and no possessions beyond the clothes on his back. And yet other than for the odd time when he resorted to eating corn out of a farmer’s field or tried to eat figs from a fruitless tree (and then cursed it for its barrenness), he always had plenty of food and a place to sleep. He was healthy. He was physically vigorous and fully employed in God’s work. And he apparently had such a kick-ass cloak that the soldiers threw lots for it while he was dying on the cross.

This kind of life is where we’re all headed, if we’re true followers of Jesus. We won’t have a home to call our own, we won’t have possessions beyond the few we can carry with us (and I’m not talking U-Haul or RV here), and we won’t have any money beyond what we need for our ‘daily bread’. Our work will be fully for God and his kingdom, and our only friends will be those who, like us, love God and follow Jesus.

Needless to say, we won’t have many friends on Earth, but the one or two that we do have will be true friends, not facebook friends or fair-weather friends.

In any case, the only friend we really need is Jesus. He understands what we’re going through because he went through it himself.

“What a Friend We Have in Jesus” is not just a song. “Give us this day our daily bread” is not just a line from scripture. These are directives on how to survive in this world and overcome temptations. Whining is a temptation. Get past it. Many of those who followed Moses into the desert didn’t get past their whining and never made it to the promised land because of it.

Don’t end up like them. Next time you’re tempted to whine about something, remember: “This too shall pass.”