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Whose voice do you hear – the voice of the world or the voice of God?

And whose voice do you obey?

The voice of the world tells you to be afraid, very afraid, of everyone and everything around you, even and especially of the very air you breathe. But God through his holy angels tells you to “FEAR NOT!” Through Jesus, God tells you the only one you should fear is he who has the power to cast you, body and soul, into hell. There is no-one and nothing else to fear.

The world tells you to stifle your breath and muffle your words, making it hard for people to hear and understand you. But God tells you speak his Word loud and clear, as the Word you speak is his through the power of his Spirit. Do not stifle or muffle God’s Spirit.

The world tells you to fear people and to stand far away from them. But God through Jesus shows that even lepers can and should be touched.

The world tells you to veil your face even in the holy congregation, but the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross has forever removed the veil between God and his people. There is no reason to veil your face before God, if you are his. To veil your face before God is to deny the sacrifice of Jesus and the power of God to protect his people.

The world tells you to “trust the science” to heal you, but God tells you to trust only him. Jesus healed people by the power of God’s Holy Spirit, and so should his followers.

So I ask you again: Whose voice do you hear – the voice of the world or the voice of God?

Remember that God put the world under the control of Satan, so when you obey the voice of the world, you’re obeying Satan. When you bear the symbols of obedience to the world and take them into your body, you’re bearing the symbols of obedience to Satan. You’re showing the world – and God – who you really obey.

Be careful whose voice you hear, and even more careful whose voice you obey.