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In the surveillance state, every word you speak is being recorded either by your own or someone else’s devices. These data are then filed via voiceprint recognition for future use.

The state has a file on you. That should come as no surprise. It’s already being used to target you for ads and for evidence of potential terrorist activity. That, allegedly, is the reason why your “data” is being harvested, whether via voiceprint, text, viewing habits, or camera imagery. Even your retinas have been catalogued, along with your foot print (at birth) and maybe even your fingerprints.

Every square inch of some cities is under surveillance through internet-connected personal devices, CCTV cameras, and satellite imagery. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

Some say: “It doesn’t bother me because I have nothing to hide.”

But stay with me here, and I’ll show you why it should bother you. (more…)