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This is for you.

You know who you are.

You say you’re a Christian, but you openly support the Synagogue of Satan.

Can you really be that stupid? (more…)


hot coals

Acts of terror, regardless of who perpetrates them, all have the same final outcome: the reduction of freedom. This means less freedom of movement, less freedom of association, less freedom of speech, less freedom of the press, and so on. The initial gut-level response to terror is almost always fear and the desire for revenge, but the long-term fall-out is always – ALWAYS – less freedom. Think of how the Patriot Act has stripped Americans and their allies of freedom since 9/11. From this, we can assume that all acts of terror have as their ultimate aim the reduction and curtailment of freedom.

Likewise, from this, we can assume that whoever is ultimately behind all acts of terror is someone who wants to take away our freedom and thereby control us.

God gave every one of us free will and has never asked for it back. Paul said that all things are possible, but not all things are good. That’s why God engraved his laws on our hearts and set the Ten Commandments in stone, so that we would always be able to discern the good within the possible, regardless of how beguiling the temptation was to do bad. But God still permits us to do bad, if that’s what we choose to do. He does not intervene in our freedom either to do good or to do bad, but he does try his hardest to persuade us to choose the good.

That is free will.

Given this reality, it must therefore be someone who is opposed to God who is behind terrorist acts. Anyone who wants to forcefully remove or curtail the freedom of others is not mirroring God’s way and is not acting as God’s ally. In other words, they do not respect our God-given free will. We know, from Jesus, that the world is under Satan. So whoever is working behind the scenes to perpetrate terrorist acts with the ultimate aim of controlling the population is working for Satan, as are all those who willingly agree to have their freedoms curtailed in direct response to terrorism.

The New Testament mentions “the synagogue of Satan” a few times. This is in reference to “Jews who call themselves Jews but are in fact not”. Muslims call the United States “the great Satan”. These references to Satan point to power strongholds in the world at any given time. The truth is that all people, regardless of where they live or what religion they espouse, are under Satan unless they are born-again followers of Jesus. Born-agains are in God’s kingdom on Earth and have pledged their allegiance to God. Those who have not done so are defacto worshippers of Satan and thus automatically fall under Satan’s jurisdiction.

So what does this mean for acts of terrorism like the one unleashed on Paris on Friday the thirteenth of November, 2015? It means that Satan is behind these acts, regardless of who gets the finger pointed at them. It means more freedom will be forcefully removed and also willingly forfeited. It means that the world on Saturday the fourteenth of November, 2015, is less free than it was the day before. It also means Satan’s control of the world is expanding.

Satan goes by many names and wears many hats. His favourite disguise is The Invisible Man because he fancies himself to be like God. He and his minions slip in and out of people’s minds, beguiling them to act in ways that they know in their heart is wrong. Sadly, most people give into them.

The only way to win people back from Satan is to do as Jesus told us to do: love our enemies. We need to pray for the human perpetrators of terrorism as much as we pray for those who suffer from their acts. We need to pray, not curse them. If we find them, we need to imprison them, not torture or kill them. We need to give them time to repent of their acts, in the same way as God gives us time. We do not repay an eye for an eye, but nor do we just let them get away with their crime. Jesus says not to overcome evil with evil but to overcome evil with good. He also says that praying for our enemies is like pouring hot coals on their heads. So pour away, my friends. Pour away!

It may be, from all the prayers pouring out of us, that even one evil-doer may some day turn, just as I did and just as you did.

This is how we win people back from Satan and in so doing make the world safer and freer.



Mainstream Christianity is made up of wolves in sheep’s clothing and the blind leading the blind. Jesus preached from the temples and synagogues; he didn’t join the congregations. We are to follow Jesus’ example in everything we do. If you’re in a mainstream commercialized ‘church’, get out. The only church you need to be a card-carrying member of is God’s church, of which you’re an automatic member when you’re born again.


All commercialized churches today are nothing but sanctimonious two-bit social clubs set up to fleece the flock. They’ll fleece you of your time, your money, your energy, and your spirit. They’ll load you down with guilt and feelings of obligation, fill your head with lies, and ultimately rob you of your rightful inheritance in God’s kingdom, if you let them.


In Revelation, we read about Jews who call themselves Jews but are instead the synagogue of Satan. The same can be said of mainstream Christian organizations today. Not one of them is of God.


Paul in his letters and John in Revelation talked about God’s church in various locations. None of those churches had any particular name; they were simply known by their location (i.e., the church in Ephesus or the church in Philadelphia). The fake Christian churches today all have ostentatious or downright demonic names (being named after “saints” instead of God, teaching people to pray to saints instead of God). Denominations are, every single one of them, of the devil. Not one of them is of God.


Let me repeat that and let it sink in – not one of the mainstream commercialized denominational so-called Christian churches is of God. Not one.


There is only one true church, and that’s the spiritual collect of all born-agains who are alive today on Earth. Admission to that church is granted by God alone. If some members of that church gather in a certain location, they would be referred to as “the church in Minnesota” or “the church in Niagara Falls”. But there is still only one true church. That church needs no special name or administrative body or infrastructure or incorporation papers. It doesn’t meet on a particular day or at a particular place or time. It doesn’t need a building. It doesn’t need an altar. It doesn’t need offerings.


It simply is.


God’s church cannot be destroyed because it was not built by man’s hands: it was built by God.


Wherever there is a truly born-again soul, there is God’s spirit, and there is his church.