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starting pistol

As the world around us spins faster and faster and faster, we need more than ever to ground ourselves in this one simple fact:

We have only one chance to get it right.

Just one.

When we die, we don’t get another chance to “come back” and make better choices. We get just one chance, and we’re living that chance now. (more…)


Thou shalt not kill

I have written about this before, but it bears repeating, given the current state of the world.

Christians do not kill people. Not ever. Not under any circumstances. Not for any reason, including self-defense or defense of property or loved ones. (more…)



If you’re living someplace where you can’t openly follow Jesus, get out of there.

Jesus never told us to stay where God’s Word wasn’t welcome. On the contrary – Jesus told us not only to leave such places but to shake the dust off our feet as a warning.

He himself left Nazareth with just the clothes on his back.

We, too, should be just as ready to leave at a moment’s notice. (more…)



Demons are on the move these days.

Where God and Jesus are not welcome, demons rush in.

Spiritual migration is not a topic that you’ll ever hear about in the mainstream media, but it should be headlining every news source on Earth. It’s the real story – not the movement of people, but the movement of the demons that attend on them and the impact of such a sudden infestation. The forced transplantation of demons into former Christian strongholds is equivalent to a demon invasion. (more…)



One day, Jesus went for a walk and never went home again.

OK – technically he did go back to Nazareth for a few hours, when he read the passage from Isaiah in the synagogue and outed himself as the Messiah. But then he was immediately run out of town, so that didn’t really count as a homecoming. (more…)



I often think about Jesus teaching in the synagogues and market places. Those in attendance wanted to be there; it wasn’t like religion class or Sunday school, where most are in attendance because they’re obligated to be there. No. In Jesus’ school, everyone wanted to be there.

He taught them what they needed to know to make it through each day and not get caught in the snares. It wasn’t a pep talk; it wasn’t about how God wants you joyful; it wasn’t about tapping into God’s blessings and living the high life here and now. No. It was about how to make it day by day in a fallen world that will drag you down if you let it. It was about how to get to Heaven. It was about how to avoid going to Hell.

It was spiritual mother’s milk for the spiritually starving, because then, as now, the religious establishment was all but useless when it came to proper feeding. (more…)



In the surveillance state, every word you speak is being recorded either by your own or someone else’s devices. These data are then filed via voiceprint recognition for future use.

The state has a file on you. That should come as no surprise. It’s already being used to target you for ads and for evidence of potential terrorist activity. That, allegedly, is the reason why your “data” is being harvested, whether via voiceprint, text, viewing habits, or camera imagery. Even your retinas have been catalogued, along with your foot print (at birth) and maybe even your fingerprints.

Every square inch of some cities is under surveillance through internet-connected personal devices, CCTV cameras, and satellite imagery. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

Some say: “It doesn’t bother me because I have nothing to hide.”

But stay with me here, and I’ll show you why it should bother you. (more…)


love bomb

What does it mean to love one another?

The simple truth is that you can’t really love anyone unless you let God love through you.

That’s the love Jesus was talking about, and that’s the only kind of love. Everything else is fake. (more…)




I’m traveling again.

A few days ago, while on an airport bus, I noticed a middle-aged couple sitting across the aisle from me. They were holding hands. It was just a simple pose, supported by companionable silence, but it struck me to the core.

I hadn’t held someone’s hand for nearly 20 years. (more…)




I was on a social media forum in the wee hours this morning, as the last of the votes were being tallied and it looked like Trump was indeed – and for many, unbelievably – going to take the White House. The people posting on the forum were all pro-Trump, and there was an infectiously giddy and festive atmosphere. It was a financial forum, so there were lots of investors bemoaning the sudden 800-point plunge of the DOW as the vote turned in Trump’s favour, which meant substantial losses in the 10s or even 100s of thousands of dollars for some of them. But, to a man, every single poster who bemoaned their unexpected loss said in the same breath that the loss didn’t matter if it meant that America would get back on track again. (more…)