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Demons are on the move these days.

Where God and Jesus are not welcome, demons rush in.

Spiritual migration is not a topic that you’ll ever hear about in the mainstream media, but it should be headlining every news source on Earth. It’s the real story – not the movement of people, but the movement of the demons that attend on them and the impact of such a sudden infestation. The forced transplantation of demons into former Christian strongholds is equivalent to a demon invasion.

The Western world has, sadly, earned the invasion. The God of Jesus is no longer welcome in the halls of  Western government, education, business, entertainment, or public spaces. At best, God is barely tolerated; at worst, he is outright banned.  True believers are few and far between; those who say they believe but live as if they don’t are legion, while the ranks of unrepentant unbelievers are expanding exponentially.

Vast movements of people mean vast movements of demons that attend on them. Like bedbugs and communicable diseases, demons go wherever their hosts go. The present movement of millions of non-Christians is effectively importing demons into places they had not previously been. Demons cannot go where they are not welcome; you welcome demons not with a physical welcome sign, but with a spiritual one. And by banishing God and giving way to increasing evil thoughts and deeds, the people of the West have unfurled one mother of a spiritual welcome sign.

When you welcome a demon worshiper into your country, you’re also welcoming his or her demons. This is a spiritual fact. Needless to say, Western countries already have enough demons of their own; they don’t need more. And yet for every non-Christian who arrives in the West, an entourage of demons tags along with him or her.

One born-again follower of Jesus can, through God’s spirit, stand against every demon in existence. That is also a spiritual fact. All demons are submissive to genuine followers of Jesus because God’s spirit is with them and demons must obey God’s spirit. We see this in the New Testament, and we can see it for ourselves in our everyday lives. This is the true meaning of the ‘safe place’ promised by God to his people in Old Testament times. It’s a spiritual safe haven, not a geopolitical one. Read the Old Testament through the eyes of God, and that is blatantly clear.

But where does all this leave us born-again believers living in the West? As long as we continue to do God’s will, we will remain protected by God’s spirit, but our day-to-day lives will get much tougher in an environment increasingly dominated by demon-ridden souls. We are already openly mocked and despised by nearly everyone in the West who is not a believer, but at least they’re not forcing us to renounce our beliefs.  This will someday change. As more and more Westerners and Western systems bow down to “diversity”, the more difficult it will be for us to outwardly be followers of Jesus. Eventually, as the Bible predicts, we will again be openly persecuted (as we were in the early days of the Church and again during the Catholic-led Inquisition), and then simply hunted down, imprisoned, and killed. This is happening now in some countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa

Their present is our very near future.

In the meantime, we must continue to do God’s will, whatever that entails. We must stand firm in our beliefs and continue to grow our faith, day by day. It may be that God will take us home before things get to unbearable for us, but don’t count on it. Count instead on relying on God for everything, praying for those who need it, preaching the Good News, and never, ever giving up.

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