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God has given Christians their very own special way to protest – it’s called “prayer”.

I mention this because some Christians don’t seem to have gotten that memo.

If you don’t like the way things are, you take it to God. You pray about it.

Christians protest through prayer.

I’ll say that again, a little louder for those who still haven’t heard:


We don’t carry signs and make demands of the world: We pray. We ask God to change what we don’t like (through divine intervention), or we ask him to help us to accept what we don’t like or to help us find a workaround for it.

Either way, we go to God, just like Jesus did (and just like Jesus taught us to do). We don’t stand in public making a big show of it; we go into the privacy of our room (or our head) and we talk to God. We air our grievances in quiet petition to God, not in noisy protest to the world.

I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record (and I apologize for that), but this needs to be said one more time. There are some Christians reading this who still don’t get it.

Christians are to protest through private or group prayer, and preferably not in public. The only time Jesus prayed aloud in public was when he was making a point (namely, that he was the Messiah), in which case he’d preface his prayers by saying something like “Father, I know you always hear me, but I’m saying this so that the people here will know you sent me.” And then God would work a miracle through him. But otherwise, when he wanted to pray, Jesus went off by himself. He told us to go into our room to pray. He didn’t say anything about taking it to the street. Jesus at no time participated in mass public protests. So if Jesus didn’t do it, neither should we.

The only petitions you should be supporting are those sent to God in prayer.

Please consider this the next time you’re tempted to “do something” in response to a grievance.

As a Christian, prayer should be your first and last and one-and-only form of protest.

Take it to God, not to the street.


You’ll know who the false prophets are because they’ll try to entice you to do things that Jesus warned you not to do.

Like, for instance, protest.

Jesus never protested. He never raised his voice in the streets.

He never pushed back against Roman (worldly) law enforcement.

And he never hired a lawyer. In fact, he told us not to organize our legal defence in advance, but to let the Holy Spirit give us the words when our time in court comes.

You can always tell false prophets by how they do things opposite to what Jesus told us to do. And then they try to get us to do the same wrong things by claiming it’s somehow right or virtuous.

The pastors getting fined and incarcerated for protesting and then hiring lawyers for their legal counsel need to brush up on scripture.

Paul warned us that the false prophets would come dressed in sheep’s clothing.

Just a reminder.