As born-again believers, we are to follow Jesus in everything we do.

This is non-negotiable.

It also means we don’t fight against worldly authorities. Paul says that these authorities are ordained by God, so if we fight against them, we are ultimately fighting against God.

That is not a wise thing to do, especially as born-again believers.

Jesus never fought against worldly authorities. His conflicts were only and exclusively with those who claimed to know God and to be doing God’s will, but were falsely representing both God and his will. These were the religious authorities of the time and also occasionally his own followers. Most of the former rejected his corrections and plotted to kill him, while most of the latter accepted his instruction and learned from it.

Clearly, we are to accept Jesus’ corrective instruction and learn from it.

I mention this issue because many Christian organizations today are taking up worldly arms to fight worldly authorities. If nothing else, this shows them to be the worldly organizations that they are, more concerned with their perceived rights in the world than in their responsibilities to God’s Kingdom. Protests are not gospel teaching and should never be part of a born-again believer’s life. Neither should we sign petitions or in any way try to interfere with the administration of worldly justice. Let the world be. Jesus did. He said that his kingdom is not of this world, and his sole focus and concern was his kingdom.

We are to be in the world, not of the world.

However, if God sends the hungry to you and tells you to feed them, feed them.

If God sends the naked to you and tells you to clothe them, clothe them.

If God sends the homeless to you and tells you to house them, house them.

If God sends the sick to you and tells you to heal them, heal them.

But don’t go looking for people to feed and clothe and house and heal. That is not your job. Deal with the needs of the kingdom, providing help only to those God specifically puts in your path and asks you to help. He won’t bless your shoot-wide, one-size-fits-all “charitable” efforts.

One of the worst features of worldly Christianity is do-gooders forcing their help on people who don’t want their help, including spiritual help. More damage has been done to the gospel message by Christian do-gooders than by the whole host of Hell’s demons combined. Worldly Christians truly are their own worst enemies.

They’re also ours.

Even so, if a worldly authority commands you to do something against the gospel teachings, you don’t have to comply. But you also shouldn’t organize a protest or splash your grievance across social media with a gofundme page. You just don’t comply. You find a work-around. Your non-compliance should be a secret between you and God, not a grandstanding position between you and the world.

God will always find a way out for you. Exemptions will be made. A door may close, but a window will open.

What the devil intends for your harm, God will turn around for your benefit, if you go to God for justice, not to the world.

When the decree went out from Herod to kill all children aged 2 and under in Bethlehem and surrounding regions, God had Joseph take Mary and Jesus and flee to Egypt.

God will always find a way out for you.

When Jesus was under threat of death in certain areas where he was preaching, God had him move to other areas where he could safely continue his ministry work.

God will always find a way out for you.

When the early church was under severe persecution, God had his believers flee to safe havens or go underground.

God will always find a way out for you.

But don’t protest. Don’t sign petitions. Don’t march in the streets. Don’t go onto social media to air your grievance. And don’t hire a lawyer. Take whatever is oppressing you to God, and GOD WILL FIND A WAY OUT FOR YOU.

It’s his promise to his people, and especially to his born-again children.

Let the world be, and follow Jesus in everything you do.


  1. Sally says:

    This is wise instruction for us, and I thank you for it. ⚘🤗




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