You’ll know who the false prophets are because they’ll try to entice you to do things that Jesus warned you not to do.

Like, for instance, protest.

Jesus never protested. He never raised his voice in the streets.

He never pushed back against Roman (worldly) law enforcement.

And he never hired a lawyer. In fact, he told us not to organize our legal defence in advance, but to let the Holy Spirit give us the words when our time in court comes.

You can always tell false prophets by how they do things opposite to what Jesus told us to do. And then they try to get us to do the same wrong things by claiming it’s somehow right or virtuous.

The pastors getting fined and incarcerated for protesting and then hiring lawyers for their legal counsel need to brush up on scripture.

Paul warned us that the false prophets would come dressed in sheep’s clothing.

Just a reminder.


  1. Sally says:

    Thanks for this wise reminder on how we are to react during these times, following the Lord’s example.

    The picture is especially appropriate. It took me a few moments to see the wolf’s face. 🤗

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    • You’re welcome, Sally. Yes, the wolves are tricky. Slippery and tricky, and hard to see among the herd. That’s why we need to know exactly what Jesus did and said so we’ll know the right way forward. The false prophets will paint the road to hell as a virtue. Don’t be fooled! ;D

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  2. You’re welcome again, and yes, we need wisdom and discernment like never before. Our worst enemies are always those under our own roof, and I’m not talking blood relatives here. Jesus’ worst enemies were the religious leaders and their adherents, not the pagans or unbelievers. It’s the same for us.


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