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Heaven: Part 2

None of us know for sure who’s going to make it to heaven. We can do our part, following Jesus’ example in everything we do and say and think, but ultimately it’s God’s decision about who makes it to heaven and who goes to hell.

For those who do make it to heaven, there’s no more pain, no more fear, no more death, no more ugliness, inside or out, and no more bad memories or regrets.

So what about those who don’t make it to heaven? If we make it to heaven, won’t it make us sad when we remember those who didn’t make it?

I asked God about this, because it bothered me. How could I be happy in heaven knowing someone I loved was in hell? If there are no tears in heaven (except maybe happy ones), how do people there deal with remembering their loved ones who ended up in hell?

The simple answer is: They don’t have to deal with it because they don’t remember anyone who didn’t make it to heaven. The memory of those people is completely erased from their minds, as if they’d never lived at all. Those in heaven only remember good things. Do you mourn or miss someone you never knew or never heard of? Of course not. Then neither, if you make it to heaven, will you mourn or miss those who go to hell.

In contrast, those who end up in hell never stop remembering all the horrible things they did, all the people they hurt, and all they forfeited by choosing the devil’s way rather than God’s. Over and over again, they relive the pain they caused other people.

In hell, pain never ends.

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