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opens himself up like a book

God is no mystery. Obviously, we’ll never know everything about him (any more than we’ll ever know everything about any person, ourselves included), but we can know everything we need to know. God is not trying to hide from us or trying to make us figure him out, like some elusive femme fatale. He’s just God. He’s all-powerful, all-knowing, all-everything, but he’s no mystery. Not if you love him.


God works on a ‘need to know’ basis. Like everything God does, his system is perfect. He explained it to us years ago already, back in the Garden of Eden. He lets us know what we need to know on any given day and at any given hour. More we don’t need to know; it will just get us into trouble.


Wanting to know what you don’t need to know or what won’t serve your or anyone else’s benefit is not an admirable trait. It’s not wise. God doesn’t hide anything from you that you’re not ready to know. If you’re not ready to know something (in other words, if you can’t handle it as it should be handled, so that your knowing it won’t hurt yourself or others), then it’s simply better for you (and for others) that you don’t know what you want to know, even if you want to know it really, really badly.


That is wisdom.


But we don’t live in a wise age; we live in an age where folly and gluttony are not only admired but pursued. The gluttony is an insatiable lust for knowledge at all costs, without bounds or limits. If the words sound familiar that’s because it’s the same story that was played out in the Garden of Eden years ago; the same story that’s been repeating itself over and over and over again since then.


People like to say “knowledge is power”, and then look at you as if they’ve said something profound. But knowledge is not power. Knowledge is just accumulated facts. And accumulated facts applied without wisdom can give results that range from banal to dangerous to destructive, but there is no wisdom in any of it, and therefore no real value, let alone power.


Wisdom is power. There is power in wisdom because wisdom comes from God. Wisdom is flashes of insight from God’s mind. Wisdom is God’s mind speaking directly to yours.


God is no mystery. He lays himself out like an open book for those who love him. And the more we love him, the more pages are added to that book.


Being skilled at accumulating facts might make you wealthy or admired or respected or even feared, but it will never make you wise. No amount of accumulated facts will ever bring you anything of any value, even if your knowledge gives you enough money to wallpaper your house with $1000 bills and pave your driveway with gold.


In the same way, just knowing about God – that is, accumulating facts about him – will not make you wise. Loving God will make you wise.


The more you love God, the wiser you become. Even a child can be wise, if he loves God, just as an old man can be profoundly unwise, though neck-deep in accumulated facts and wealth.


A wise person is happy; an unwise one, unhappy.


God is no mystery. He opens himself like a book to those who love him. To some, he’s like a picture book with just a few words; to others, he’s like an encyclopedia. God wrote the book just for you. It never ends, and once you start reading it, you never want to put it down.

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