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Sometimes the longest journeys are the ones you take in between thoughts. You find yourself in a different place even when you didn’t know you were going anywhere. All of a sudden – there you are, far from where you were even a second ago. And how you got there is not with a ticket to ride but a momentary lapse in will. You let God take the reigns – and – off you go!


I have been travelling for the past several weeks, by train, by bus, and by plane. I have spent hours poring over route options and price points. In so doing, I have gotten where I planned to go, sometimes with delays, sometimes with detours. I eventually arrive, tired, and sticky from the heat. Most of the time there is a bed waiting for me, but not always. Sometimes there is just a chair in a waiting room, and counting the hours until the train or plane or bus arrives to whisk me away to the next bed or waiting room chair.


But always, in my mind, I stayed more or less in the same place.


Until now.


God often springs the biggest news on us when we least expect it. We can pray as fervently as we want, but God holds onto our personal version of the transfiguration until he knows he has our full will, not just our attention. Many times, in prayer, God has our attention, but our will we’ve already pointed in the direction we want to go. We’re like a prayer train lumbering full speed down the track, when instead we should be like a balloon, drifting with the wind.


Tonight, in between thoughts and plans and schedules and bookings, I momentarily turned into that balloon. It wasn’t my intention to do so; I just let “me” lapse for an instant, but it was long enough for God to catch hold and release me in the direction I need to go.


Jesus died on the cross long before his body did. Part of him was already in heaven even while the nails were still being hammered into his wrists and ankles. Our will, when aligned with God’s, can travel spiritual light years in an instant. This is not our doing. The best way to get where you want to go is to stop planning the best way to get there.

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