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For born-agains, the goal is to leave the world’s ways behind but still live in the world. This can only be done with God’s help, and God isn’t going to help you until you’re ready.


But when God tells you it’s time, it’s time. You’ll know it, because God always makes himself as plain as day. He doesn’t give you hazy ‘signs’ or indirect signals; he tells you outright, like Jesus told Matthew.


When it was time for Jesus to go out in the world and preach the Good News, he gave up being a carpenter. Until his ‘time’, Jesus remained a carpenter. He didn’t preach during the day and do carpentry work at night to pay the bills; he remained a carpenter until God let him know it was time.


This is Jesus we’re talking about – Jesus, who had the fullness of God’s spirit in him and never sinned. Even Jesus knew to keep his mouth shut until God had clearly called him. When he was 12, he so badly wanted to do his “father’s business” that he ran away from home and hung out at the synagogue in Jerusalem, preaching to the Jewish elders. But it wasn’t his time, so his parents came and took him home again. He remained in Nazareth, lips firmly sealed, until he was in his 30s.


God’s timing is perfect. When he tells you you’re ready, you’re ready. Don’t jump the gun, or you’ll do more harm than good.


Until that time, keep doing your day job, but do it as if unto God. That means, do your job as if you’re working for God, as if your day job is actually kingdom work. Do it to the best of your ability and treat everyone – EVERYONE – equally, kindly, honestly, and with respect.


Once you learn how to do that (and God will test you – trust me, God will test you, and test you again and again and again), then it will be your time to go out into the world and preach the Good News.


Then you’ll be ready to do some real work for the kingdom.


Until then, keep your head down, your mouth shut, and your spiritual eyes and ears wide open, patiently learning from God’s spirit, like Jesus did.



  1. If he’s not hazy, how exactly does he communicate with you. Do you see and hear this deity like you would a regular person?


  2. Having open communication with God as your Dad is what it means to be born-again. Born-agains have the same close relationship with God as Jesus had. Do I see and hear God like a ‘regular person’? No, but through his Holy Spirit, I ‘hear’ him and talk to him just like I would a loving father. What kind of a loving father would he be, if I couldn’t talk to him and hear from him? Some people call this “prayer”; I just call it being with God. God, through his Spirit, is always with me, just as he’s always with everyone who’s born again. He hears and sees everything, including every thought. People who are not born again have guardian angels.


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