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When God says it’s time, it’s time.

Jesus told the parable about the guy who gave a party and invited all the movers and shakers.

But one by one, each of them sent back his RSVP with an excuse: Sorry, I just got married, so I don’t have time. Sorry, I’m busy with work, so I don’t have time. Sorry, I’m building a house, so I don’t have time.

But when God says it’s time, it’s time.

You drop everything and go.

You don’t delay even long enough to bury your own father (“Let the dead bury the dead.”)

You just get up and GO, like Matthew did.

When God calls you to the party, it means your time is coming. Your days are numbered. Your time is short. However you want to phrase it – when God calls, you don’t have much time left on Earth. God’s call is a reminder of that. It’s like you’ve been outside playing with your friends all day, not paying much attention to the darkness falling all around you, but now it’s almost night, and from a distance, muffled by your friends’ laughter and shouting, you hear your mother calling you from the back door.

There’s a tinge of urgency in her voice. There’s also authority.

She’s calling you home, and you need to get there before dark.

When, one after the other, the movers and shakers used every excuse in the book as to why they wouldn’t go to the party, the host told his servants to go out and invite everyone they could find. He had empty places to fill, and fill them he would.

When the Jews collectively turned their back on Jesus, God called us gentiles to the party instead.

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve likely been called.

Night is falling. Your time is short.

Will you RSVP yes or no?

You only get one invitation.

Your mother is calling from the back door.

Night is falling.

You need to get home before dark, or you’ll be punished.

When God says it’s time, it’s time.



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