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It’s later than you think.

Every day, more and more people pledge their allegiance to Satan. When you outright reject Jesus and consciously and consistently choose what you know is not right, you are pledging your allegiance to Satan. At some point, the scale is tipped, and even God himself gives up trying to woo you and accepts your decision to reject him.

This is the great divide that separates all humans into those who choose God’s way and follow Jesus, and those who consciously, consistently, and with full intent reject God’s way and in so doing reject Jesus.

Jesus said: I am the way. No-one comes to the Father except by me.

He also said: You must be born again to enter the Kingdom of God.

Is Jesus a liar? He must be a liar because we have leaders in denominational churches who now claim that the Muslim “Allah” is God, and, if God, then also the Father of Jesus and all those who are born-again. Yet Muslims do not have to be born again to enter the Kingdom; they just have to wear certain clothing, repeat certain phrases at certain times of the day, fast at predetermined seasons, convert or kill unbelievers, and never (on pain of death) blaspheme “Allah” or leave Islam.

Sounds very legalistic to me.

Islam also claims that Jesus was a prophet but not the Messiah.

Sounds very anti-Christ to me.

And yet these so-called Christian leaders are now equating the Father of Jesus with “Allah”, and the followers of “Allah” with the followers of Jesus. In so doing, they make Jesus a liar.

It’s later than you think.

When the Catholic organization slaughtered born-again Christians in the Middle Ages, its aim was to force people to renounce scripture and align their beliefs with papal doctrine. Those who refused to do so were tortured until they either caved or died. The Protestant revolution was fought against the a-scriptural doctrines and unspeakable cruelty of the Catholic organization, whose methods of surveillance and torture rivaled even Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany. For centuries, Catholicism was outlawed across whole regions, the same way neo-Nazism is outlawed today. America was founded in large part as a bastion against papal coercion and violence. And yet the same organization that wholesale slaughtered born-again believers for centuries and replaced scripture with papal doctrine has once again appointed itself the foremost authority and mouthpiece of Christians worldwide, and so-called Protestants, without protest and in the name of ecumenism (rather than in the name of Jesus), are falling in line with them.

Ecumenism is yet another word for Satanism.

It’s later than you think.

This is the falling away that Paul warned us must happen before the “son of perdition” is revealed.

The sealing of God’s people mentioned in Ezekiel and the book of Revelation is almost over; all those who are not sealed are damned.

This is the great divide that separates one from the other. You are either sealed or you are damned; you cannot be both or neither.

It’s later than you think.

When people who profess to be born-again believers at the same time claim that Jesus is not the only way to God – it’s later than you think.




Beware of organized Christian religion. There is not one denomination that has not been compromised; they all preach another gospel.

The only church you need to be in is God’s church, headed by Jesus. There are no denominations in God’s church. The sole membership criterion is to be genuinely born-again. Those who are genuinely born-again are automatically made members of God’s church. No-one else can get in.

God’s church is the only true church on Earth. Other organizations may lay claim to that title, but they are lying. Other organizations are headed by the devil wearing various disguises. The devil’s goal is to lead you astray and then to get you to kill yourself spiritually by choosing another gospel. This is a test. All true believers are tested. Don’t fail this one.

When you are in God’s church, you are in church all the time. You never leave it (unless you choose to leave it, in which case you can never come back). In God’s church, your fellowship is with God and Jesus and with all those who are likewise in God’s church, whether you know them or not: You are joined in God’s spirit.

God’s church is growing smaller by the day. Jesus warned us that this would happen. He said: When the son of man returns, will he find faith on Earth?  He meant: When I come back, will there be any true believers? We know there will be some, because Jesus also says he will send his angels to gather them and will then take them home. There will be some genuine born-agains even in the very last days, but not many.

There are not many now.

Even as the Earthly churches that preach another gospel number in the billions, there are very few genuine born-agains, and there are fewer and fewer every day as they either die (and go home) or fall away (never to go home).

The only place you need to stand fast is in God’s church. God says: I will never leave you nor forsake you. As long as you stand fast in God’s church, you will remain there. God will not forsake you, but you can forsake God.

Don’t ever forsake God.

Stand fast in the church that God has built for you. It is your spiritual safe space. Stand fast in Jesus. Stand fast in God’s holy spirit.

Steer clear of organized religion.

Steer clear of organized religion.

It’s later than you think.

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