eye for an eye

Jesus never got involved in social justice issues. You can bet that soldiers were beating and unfairly arresting people during Jesus’ ministry years, yet we hear nothing in the New Testament about it. Jesus warned his followers (that would be us) that we would be unjustly imprisoned and likely also beaten and killed, but he didn’t say to fight against it. He just advised us not to worry about our defense in court because God would give us the words we would need when it was time to defend ourselves.

In other words, there would be no #BelieverLivesMatter under Jesus’ watch.

Why is that? Why was Jesus so adamantly NOT a “social justice warrior”?

We know that he stated several times that “My kingdom is not of this world”.  We know that he warned us that those who live by the sword will die by the sword. We know that he reminded us to treat others as we want to be treated because how we treat others determines the course and content of our lives.

Jesus was not a “social justice warrior” because social justice warriors by definition deny God’s justice. You can either be a social justice warrior or you can be a follower of Jesus: you can’t be both.

Social justice warriors deny God’s justice by claiming that the state of the world (i.e., God’s justice) is wrong and that in particular God’s Commandments and Christian beliefs are antithetical to real freedom and real justice. Social justice warriors work to nullify or at least modify the Ten Commandments as well as the Christian belief system that undergirds Western society. Social justice warriors deny that we are all equal before God by, for instance, placing people with mental and spiritual illnesses such as homosexuality and “transgenderism” on a higher level by demanding they get preference in employment as well as special protection under the law against anyone even mentioning that such sick people are, in fact, sick. Social justice warriors are in essence a collective manifestation of an anti-Christ spirit that is contaminating and sickening an ever-widening sector of Western society. There is nothing healthy in the social justice movement.

That is why Jesus was never a “social justice warrior”.

Jesus believed that all people were equal before God, not some higher than others on the basis of their spiritual illness or skin pigmentation. Jesus believed in mercy, not in revenge or an eye for an eye. Jesus ferociously upheld the truth of God’s justice, which stipulated that you get back what you put out and that the pain you feel is the pain you’ve earned; he didn’t cower under a victim-mentality, pointing fingers at everyone around him or claiming that God got it wrong. Jesus believed in second chances for those who had earned them through repentance, and in mercy for those who showed mercy; he did not believe in harassing or murdering those who refused to accept or follow his teachings. Jesus believed that you should work for a living in whatever capacity you can and for as long as you can, not demand “entitlement” hand-outs solely on the basis of being alive or over a certain age.

Social justice warriors are spiritually sick people whose sole purpose is to attempt to justify themselves and other spiritually sick people. They deny the truth of God’s justice by constantly playing the blame game and flashing the victim card. They also embrace the “eye for an eye” mentality, including taking revenge on people for perceived wrong-doings. As such, social justice warriors cannot in any way be considered followers of Jesus or upholders of God’s justice.

They are, in fact, doing the devil’s work.

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