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One of the most insidious lies perpetuated by modern-day churchianity is that Jesus is God.

Jesus is not God. Jesus was never God and never will be God.

Only those who don’t know Jesus would call him God.

During Jesus’ ministry years, Jesus spoke with God’s blessing and authority. He did not need to say “Thus saith the Lord” (as the Old Testament prophets did) because when Jesus opened his mouth, God spoke through him in real time. God’s spirit was with Jesus at all times and Jesus had God’s full seal of approval (having been tried and tested and found worthy), so Jesus could speak as God’s mouthpiece, reporting live.

This was in contrast to Old Testament prophets, who were spoken to and inspired by God at a particular place and time, but then afterwards told the people what God had said.

Jesus spoke God’s words in real time; OT prophets spoke them with a delay.

But Jesus was not God.

Isaiah called him “God’s suffering servant”. God called him “my son”. Jesus called himself “son of man” (meaning, “prophet”).

God’s spirit was strongly with Jesus. So when you were with Jesus (when he walked the Earth), you were in God’s presence not because Jesus was God but because God’s spirit was present with him, and powerfully so.

Only those who neither know Jesus nor God would say that Jesus is God.

Correct them.

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