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It should be of no surprise to any born-again believer that the events of the world perfectly align with scripture. We know from Daniel and Revelation that the world’s populations are marching steadily towards global totalitarianism or what is popularly known as the “new world order” or “one world government”. Make no mistake about it – this is Satan’s kingdom that is in the final stages of being set up, to be ruled over by what Paul called “the man of perdition” and Daniel referred to as the “King of the North”. This is not Jesus’ thousand-year reign, though it will someday be sold to nominal Christians as such. The Catholic pope is already busy laying the groundwork by proclaiming the Jewish, Christian and Muslim “god” to be one and the same. Anyone who is genuinely born again knows that this is a lie, but the number of genuine born-agains today is very small.

We know from scripture that Satan has been given control of Earth and that he will retain control until the end of time. That means he’s in control now.

These facts are indisputable because they rest on scripture. Yet even with the indisputability of these facts, most Christians still look to worldly power representatives – meaning those who are actively working towards establishing the new world order – as their knights in shining armour.

Take Trump, for instance. He’s a pillar in the worldly power structure if ever there was one, and yet many Christians are supporting and voting for him. Even if they only perceive him as the lesser of two evils (Clinton being the greater), they still back him. Why is that? Do they not know scripture? Do they not know that the world is under Satan, which means that Trump is just another of Satan’s minions who, regardless of what he says in his election campaign, is ultimately working towards global governance?

Questions for Trump and Clinton supporters: What part of “the world is under Satan” don’t you get? Is God a liar? Did Paul lie and John lie when they wrote scripture? And when Jesus stated that his kingdom was not of this world, was he also lying?

Jesus warned us not to be deceived. Why are you Trump and Hillary supporters not heeding Jesus’ warning? Why are you openly supporting someone whose goal is to obtain and hold onto power by any means possible, including deception?

When Jesus told us to “seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness”, he wasn’t talking about supporting worldly leaders.

The only leader we born-agains should ever be supporting is Jesus.

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