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no apologies

Jesus never apologized. Not once. Not for anything.

If he screwed up, he did whatever he could to do it right and to make it right.

But he never apologized.

I think it’s because words are cheap. Not The Word – words. Words are cheap.

Saying “I’m sorry” doesn’t put the spilled milk back into the carton.

Cleaning up the mess and then getting off your ass and going down to the store to buy another carton of milk to replace the one you spilled – THAT says “I’m sorry” loud and clear, without saying a word.

Too many people think it’s enough just to say “I’m sorry”. It’s not, even if others say it is.

You make a mess, you clean it up.

You break something, you replace it.

You don’t just say “I’m sorry” and walk away.

Then there’s the other side of the coin – people demanding apologies when none are needed.

Jesus got a lot of that, especially from the Pharisees. They were always demanding that Jesus apologize for hurting their feelings. They were offended by Jesus speaking the truth.

Not much has changed.

Political correctness is putting truth-tellers in the same position as Jesus – being expected to apologize for speaking the truth; being expected to apologize for offending someone who doesn’t want to hear the truth.

Well, as a born-again believer, I see and hear things that grate against me 24/7, but I’m not asking for apologies. What good would they do me? If I see something that grates against me, I look away. If I hear something that grates against me, I plug my ears.

Just as he never apologized, Jesus also never demanded an apology.

Repentance is not an apology; repentance is an acknowledgment of sin and an expression of a sincere desire not to sin again.

An apology is just a cheap and lazy way out of a mess you made.

Never apologize; never demand an apology.

Just clean up your mess and fix what you broke.

Never apologize and never demand an apology, no matter what the Pharisees of political correctness try to guilt you into saying.

Remember Jesus.

He never apologized.

Neither should you.







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