During his ministry years, Jesus hated being around most Hebrews. You can’t really blame him for that, considering that many of them were out to kill him and in the end succeeded. Even those in his hometown of Nazareth tried to kill him when he publicly outed himself there as the Messiah. Never mind that he actually was the Messiah. That truth was lost on them. They just wanted him dead.

But their wanting to kill him wasn’t the only reason Jesus hated being around Hebrews – he also hated their hypocrisy. He warned them over and over again that it would lead to their condemnation and ultimately to their destruction, but they dismissed his warnings. I wonder if any of them thought about Jesus’ warnings when their entire nation was being destroyed a few years later.

Like Jesus, I hate being around people who say they believe but act as if they don’t; who say they’re Christians but are instead Churchians. They want to know what church you go to, how long you’ve been going there, and whether the pastor is “nice”. They want to know your denomination. They want you to join their denomination. If you’re not in their denomination, they talk to you the way people talk to someone with a learning disability.

Yes, the world is a mess and there are bigger fish to fry than interpersonal irritations among alleged followers of Jesus, but actually these irritations are the crux of the world’s problems. Imagine how much different things would be if all people who said they follow Jesus were on the same page. Imagine if there were no denominations. Imagine if there was just “the church” in different locations, like it was in the early years. Imagine if you could move from place to place and no matter where you went in the world, it was the same church with the same beliefs, only called by a different location name. Imagine if followers of Jesus met in person occasionally, not out of a sense of duty or obligation but of genuine desire to be with each other and worship God together. Imagine the force of God’s Spirit in those meetings! Imagine if people didn’t preach and teach God’s Word for a salary and benefits but because they had no choice; the compulsion in them was too strong to stay silent. Imagine the miracles that would flow from this type of church, the type of church that Jesus envisioned and launched but is now firmly in the hands of the devil.

I’ve frankly had it with Churchians. I was an atheist before I was born again, and I’d still rather spend time around atheists than Churchians. There is no love for Truth in Churchians, let alone love for God or their enemies. There is only a faint desire to be part of a social group that meets on Sundays and pats each other on the back (though the smug patting is getting more difficult with their willing compliance with the state’s social distancing dictates).

And this is another reason why Jesus hated being around his own people – their smug complacency and belief that they were “God’s chosen” and therefore had a guaranteed ticket to Heaven. This is the same smug complacency I see in Churchians who insist that Jesus did everything for them and all they have to do is “believe” to get their heavenly reward. This is the same type of lie from the pit of Hell that the Hebrews in Jesus’ day believed, but the irony is lost on the Churchians. They love their comfortable little lies rather than God’s Truth, so their reward will be the same as for the Hebrews in Jesus’ day – total annihilation.

All denominations are lies, every single one, and every pastor, priest or minister who preaches for a salary and benefits is unfit for the job. There is only one church as founded by Jesus Christ, and that is the church of born-again believers who are alive today on Earth. There is no other church. There are not billions of Christians, there are only a few tens of thousands, and those numbers are dwindling daily.

Genuine born-again believers – which is the true definition of Christian – are an endangered species, soon to be nearly extinct. Jesus asked: When the son of man returns, will he find faith on Earth? That was a rhetorical question, meaning that the answer was obvious and in this case was “no”. Jesus did not expect to find much faith on Earth when he returned.

If you are not a genuine Christian – that is, if you’re not a born-again believer who follows Jesus rather than the dictates of a denomination or the state – there is still time for you to get right with God, but not much time. Your heart could stop beating at any moment. The choice is yours, whether you want to be a Churchian or a genuine believer. The path to becoming a genuine follower of Jesus is the same as it always was – repent, and believe the gospel. Believing the gospel means living the gospel, and the only way to live the gospel is to live as Jesus lived, with all its deprivations and rewards. There is no other way.

You don’t get to Heaven by believing or insisting you’ll get to Heaven; you don’t get to Heaven by preaching that you’ll get to Heaven: you get to Heaven by following in Jesus’ footsteps and praying to God every day and in every way to be made worthy of Heaven. Ultimately, it’s God’s decision whether or not you’ll make it to Heaven. It’s not your decision or your pastor’s decision or even the devil’s decision: It’s God’s decision.

To sum up:

Avoid Churchians like the plague.

Repent, and believe in the gospel.

Follow Jesus.

And pray to God night and day to be made worthy of his ultimate reward of Heaven.


  1. tatiana says:

    Well said. You must be born again. A friend of mine said even the devils believe and tremble (which is more than more people do).

    I like what you wrote how those who are born again are like an endangered species. I’ve never met a born again person in real life.


    • Funny you should say that, about not meeting a born-again believer in real life. I’ve been born-again for over 21 years and I’ve only met a handful myself. Even so, numbers don’t matter. It only takes one to get the job done. Look at what Jesus accomplished, or Paul. It just takes one.

      God does amazing things when you put your will entirely into his hands.


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