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Frosty Declares: “JE SUIS CHARLIE!”

a little bird told me

A little bird told me…

No religion has a monopoly on stupidity, and Islam is no exception. The latest manifestation of foolishness masquerading as religious dogma is an Islamic cleric’s fatwa issued against snowmen.

The ‘logic’ behind the fatwa is that making a snowman is like making a graven image, and Muslims are forbidden from making graven images.

Mind you, in the Commandments, Christians and Jews are also forbidden from making graven images, but to the best of my knowledge, no edict, papal or otherwise, has yet been issued advising Christians and Jews that making snowmen is the modern-day equivalent of forging a golden calf.

Considering that God, my Dad, is always the first to consult in issues of religious dogma (and everything else), I asked him what he thought.


“Yes, my sweet.”

“Can I make a snowman?”

“You can make as many snowmen as you like.”

“Will you get mad if I make them?”

“No. Why should I get mad?”

“Some guy said it was evil to make snowmen.”

“Sounds like some guy has too much time on his hands. Go make your snowmen. I’ll deal with the guy when the time’s right. In the meantime, pray for him.”

So there you have it. I’m off to make a snowman, with God’s blessings. If anyone’s offended by it, please take your concerns directly to God.

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