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No Sex in Heaven

There is no marriage in heaven. Needless to add, there is also no sex in heaven, of either type (intercourse or gender). Jesus tells us we will be “like the angels”, who are neither male nor female, don’t marry, and do not reproduce.

This may come as a surprise to those who hope to be ‘reunited’ in heaven with their dearly departed spouse. They may indeed be reunited as adopted children of God (not as spouses), but having ‘marital relations’ will no longer be possible or even desirable. You just won’t want it or even miss it.

As a very close friend of mine once said: “There are no holes in heaven.” This means there is no sexual intercourse but also no defecation or urination, which should come as a vast relief to many.

You can still eat, though – and how you can eat! Your appetite will be perfectly tuned to your body’s needs. The food will always be your favourites, made with the finest and cleanest of ingredients. There are no pesticides or herbicides or fungicides or genetic modifications of any kind in heaven. Everything is clean, natural and perfect. No indigestion or heartburn or tummy-aches of any kind can happen in heaven because, as scripture tells us, there is no pain in heaven.

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