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Onward, Truth Soldiers!


One of Jesus’ best features was his quiet authority. He didn’t ask for notoriety; he cautioned nearly everyone he miraculously healed not to tell anyone what he’d done for them. He wasn’t looking for applause or approval; he was merely doing his job.

People listened to him and responded to him not because he was loud or demanded prime-time coverage, but because he spoke the truth, and truth resonates in all souls. Even the soldiers who came to arrest him (John 7: 45-46) were captivated by the truth he spoke, and attributed his ability to convey the truth as a sign that he was sent by God.

Every human being craves truth.

Some crave it openly; some crave it secretly; and some aren’t even aware they crave it, the lust for truth is so much a part of who they are.

Knowledge is not truth, because all knowledge (except that related to truth) is premised on assumptions and hypotheses, most of which are ultimately discredited. We only need to look to the history of scientific discoveries to see that.

In contrast:

  • Truth cannot change.
  • Truth is instantly recognizable.
  • Truth feels like home.

But truth is not an abstract concept or a ‘thing’ – it’s a person.

Truth is God.

So when we speak the truth, we are speaking God’s language. When we search for the truth, we are searching for God. When we crave the truth above all else, we are craving God’s presence in our lives.

And when we fight for the truth, we are part of God’s eternal army of truth soldiers, the head of which is Jesus.

Never stop fighting. Never give up. Never surrender.

There is no life outside of truth.

Instead of asking “What is truth?”, Pilate (John 18:38) should have asked: “Who is truth?”

Then he would have gotten his answer:


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