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The world is under the control of Satan: this is not news to anyone with knowledge of scripture. What does appear to be news, sadly, even to those who call themselves believers, is that God’s kingdom has already come.

It’s here.


All around us.

Genuine born-agains are the repository of God’s spirit in the world. This is how God’s kingdom has come.

Everyone else is the repository of evil spirits.

There are only two possibilities for humans in this world: you are either with God, in which case God’s spirit is with you and you are part of his kingdom, or you are not with God, in which case you are prey to unholy spirits, any number of which may surround you, inspire you, tempt you and inhabit you at any given time.

There is no other state of being in this world. There are only those two.




Even given this dire scenario, Jesus tells us not to live separately from the demon-infested world but to engage in it as an emissary from God’s kingdom. We are to “go out into the world”, not to run screaming from it.

We are to live and move in the world like Jesus did, knowing we are fully protected as long as we do God’s will. But spiritual protection does not equate spiritual immunity. We are not to expect miracles on demand. Jesus avoided certain areas because he knew that they were physically dangerous for him. He didn’t say: “I’m the Messiah, I can go anywhere I want to because I’m under God’s special protection.” No. He avoided going places where he knew he wasn’t welcome and his life was in danger. In other words, he did not “tempt God” and neither should we.

If you are born again, the world is enemy territory to you. It was taken over at the fall of Adam and has remained the realm of Satan ever since. Jesus has redeemed only those who choose God’s way. He didn’t redeem the whole world; he redeemed only those who choose God’s way. Everyone has the potential to choose God’s way, but only very few will choose it. Those who do not choose God’s way remain under the control of Satan. Those who do choose it have their demons expelled and receive God’s spirit. This is how they become part of God’s kingdom on Earth.

Being in hostile territory, born-agains should move through the world as if through a parallel universe, engaging but not melding with it. This is how Jesus moved through the world during his ministry years. He taught in synagogues. He held open-air meetings. He went to pubs. But he didn’t take money for his work. This is how you can tell a true follower of Jesus from a wolf in sheep’s clothing: a true follower NEVER requests or demands payment for preaching the Word.


A true follower of Jesus preaches for free, even if it means he or she has to live in a tent and drink ditch water.

By their fruits – including demanding money for preaching the Word – shall ye know them.




I remember when the pope came to Canada in the 1980s. In preparation for the papal mass in a local park, our city painted the grass green because it had turned a sour yellow from the acid rain. After a few days in yet more rain, the painted grass turned what can only be described as bread-mold blue. Still, everyone in town (except me, a rabid atheist) braved several hours of standing in the mist and fog and occasional downpour to watch the strange old guy in a long dress sit on a stage and mutter something incomprehensible through sound system distortions. The fascination people had for the old geezer left me shaking my head. I just didn’t get it.

The Catholic ‘church’ is the whore who rides the beast in the book of Revelation. God showed me this the very first time I read the New Testament, the day I was born again. I didn’t want to believe it because I’d always assumed that Catholicism was all about God. It didn’t make any sense to me that the very religion I thought exemplified God was, in fact, against God. How could that be? It was only after a few years of observing firsthand the rituals and rites and downright demon worship of Catholicism that, with God’s help, the penny finally dropped for me. I left the organization and filed a formal request to be excommunicated, only to be informed that excommunication was bestowed, not demanded.

Pity, that. The whore could make a lot of money selling excommunications at, say, a hundred bucks a pop to people who were branded lifetime Catholics without their permission when they were only a few weeks old. I would be first in line to pay. And God would likely give me the money, just like he gave Jesus a gold coin out of the fish’s mouth to pay taxes that he didn’t really owe.




As some of you know, I was in my mid-thirties when I was born again. Prior to that, I lived as an atheist (if you can call what I did in those days “living”). Even my worst days as a born-again are a proverbial walk in the park compared to my best days as an atheist. There is simply no comparison between day-to-day life when you rely solely on God and day-to-day life when you rely on yourself, other people, the government, science, booze, etc. Had I known that God has nothing to do with religion, I might have saved myself a lot of pain and heartache. But, as an atheist, I thought God was exemplified in the uptight, self-righteous hypocrites who called themselves “Catholics”, “Christians”, “Jews” or “Muslims”, and so I wanted nothing to do with him.

It was my loss, particularly since those hypocrites had nothing to do with God.

Religion is a scourge on humanity. If you view your very short time here on Earth as your last chance to get things right with God (which it is), then everything that keeps you from doing that is anathema.

Religion is anathema because it prevents people from getting to know God one-on-one as your dad, which is how Jesus knew him. Religion separates people from God, it doesn’t bring them closer to him.

Religion is anathema because it is a refuge of the spiritually lazy. Religion is fake faith, a tenth-rate social club, demon worship, and, in the case of Catholicism, the devil in drag.

I despise religion. Jesus despised it, too, and so does God.




How ironic that the biggest stumbling block to getting to know God is a system set up allegedly by and for God!

All religions are demon worship and anti-christ, and together they comprise a spiritual Babylon. “Come out of her, my people!” The prophet’s call from thousands of years ago still rings today with the same urgency as when it was first cried.

Come out of her, my people!”

Jesus came to show us how to live by faith, and by faith make it all the way home to Heaven. Following the tenets of “Churchianity” will not get us there. Christianity today is as much a crock of bull as Judaism or Islam or Buddhism or Hinduism or any of the other demon-inspired belief systems that are enslaving people.

We must be genuinely born again, and we must follow Jesus to our last breath.

That is all.

Any other “way” is anathema.

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