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Everything that is God’s way leads to life.

Everything that is not God’s way leads to death.

The world is one big humungous diversion whose sole purpose is to lead us away from God and towards death.

It does this by enticing us to waste our time engaging in activities that have nothing to do with preaching the Word, nothing to do with aiming for Heaven, nothing to do with passing our tests or learning our lessons.

The world entices us through shopping.

It entices us through entertainment.

It entices us through “higher education”.

It entices us through careers.

It entices us through marriage and relationships.

It entices us through conspicuous consumption of houses and cars.

On the surface, all of these enticements appear innocent and desirable enough. But ask yourself: Did Jesus go shopping? Did Jesus go to concerts and performances? Did Jesus pursue higher education? Did Jesus follow a career path other than his ministry work? Did Jesus get married? Did he have relationships with women? Did he buy a home? Did he have his own means of transportation beyond walking?

The answer to all of these questions is, of course, “no”.

As followers of Jesus, we’re expected to follow the example set by Jesus, not fall for the enticements of the world.

The world sets itself up as the ‘norm’ and everything else as a diversion, when in fact the world itself is the diversion. One mother of a diversion. The more of the diversion you fall for, the more you’re ensnared.

Most people ‘sell their soul’ not in one fell swoop but in bits and pieces over time.

Beware the die-versions: They look like shiny red apples, but they taste like death.



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