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Just a reminder that we, as born-again followers of Jesus, live in God’s kingdom on Earth.

Our loyalty should be first and foremost and ONLY to God, as it was for Jesus.

That means we put God before everything and everyone. So if someone asks you to do something that conflicts with what God would want you to do, you say no.

You don’t apologize and you don’t explain; you just say “no”.

God comes before family.

God comes before friends.

God comes before country.

God comes before work.

God comes before possessions, including bank accounts and investments.

 God comes before everything and everyone that is “not God”.

Your full loyalty should be to God and God only.

If your family, friends, country, work, or possessions are somehow coming between you and God, leading you to do something that you know is not right, separate yourself from them.

Remove them from your life.

Put them far, far away from you.

Remember also that Jesus told us not to swear oaths of any kind (including oaths of allegiance), and that our answers should be a simple “yes” or “no”, as “anything more comes from the devil.”

We serve a great God. He deserves all our loyalty, and he will never (unlike people and worldly systems) betray us.

If you make the choice to give God your full loyalty, he will honor your choice by giving back to you a hundred-fold in blessings.

There is no downside in giving your loyalty to God. No other kingdom on Earth – no matter how rich and powerful – can rival God’s kingdom on Earth.

You are blessed beyond measure to be part of it.

When you give your loyalty to God, he gives his loyalty to you.

You make a deal.

(And if you had even the slightest inkling of what that meant, you would be down on your face thanking and worshiping God night and day, like the 24 elders in the book of Revelation.)

Your loyalty should be first and foremost and ONLY to God, as it was for Jesus.

Just a timely reminder for those who need it.

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