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Yes, I know this is a commercialized holiday.

And yes, I know not everyone has their mother with them anymore.

But even if your mother has passed from this world, you still need to honor her.

You do that by speaking of her kindly and thinking of her kindly. You do that by honoring her presence if she’s still here on Earth, or by honoring her memory if she’s passed on.

If nothing else, Mother’s Day is a good reminder of the Commandment to honor your mother.

If your mother’s still alive, send her some flowers.

If your mother’s passed on, take some flowers to her grave.

It’s that simple.

Or send her some flowery words. Mothers like that kind of thing.

But whatever you do, and whether your mother’s still here or passed on, always speak kindly of her.

Always speak kindly to her and kindly of her, regardless of whether you feel you have reason not to.

That’s why God made honoring your mother a Commandment, because you might be tempted not to speak kindly on occasion, for whatever reason. You might be tempted to remember things that you should let go. You might be tempted not to honor your mother.

Don’t do that.

Every mother should sound like a superhero in the mouth of her child.

Always honor your mother, and God’s promised rewards will follow.

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