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Full-time positions available for people to work in the Kingdom of God 24/7 until they drop dead. Ideally, applicants should be:

  • single (or willing to walk away from their marriage without looking back)
  • unemployed (or willing to walk away from their job without looking back)
  • homeless (or willing to walk away from their home without looking back)
  • possessionless (or willing to walk away from their possessions without looking back), and
  • born again,

but we will consider anyone, and I mean ANYONE.

Job requirements include following a person most people can’t see, casting out demons, loving your enemies, remaining cheerful while being despised, and enduring to the end. Applicants should also be prepared to be hounded out of town. Several towns. (And villages.)

Work hours involve early mornings, mornings, afternoons, evenings, nights, late nights, overnights, weekends and holidays.

No days off.

No vacation.

No pay.

Eternal benefits.

Interested applicants should submit their intentions to God by prayer.

We thank all two of you who might consider applying, but only those applicants who can’t conceive of anything else they’d rather do with their lives will be notified for an interview. Testing will be administered at the discretion of God.

Work to begin immediately upon hiring.


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