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one day closer to heaven

Every morning I wake up, I’m ONE DAY CLOSER TO HEAVEN.

Every step I take, I’m ONE STEP CLOSER TO HEAVEN.

Every breath I take, I’m ONE BREATH CLOSER TO HEAVEN.

With every heartbeat, I’m ONE BEAT CLOSER TO HEAVEN.

We all have a finite number of days, steps, breaths and heartbeats.

We don’t know how many we’ll get in total, but God does, just as he knows how many hairs are on our head.

We don’t need to know how many more days have been allotted us (or how many hairs are on our head); all we need to know is that every day we wake up, we’re one day closer to Heaven, as long as we stay the course that Jesus showed us.

People get excited about Christmas or payday or vacations or spending a few hours with loved ones. I get excited thinking about going to Heaven.

Going home (Heaven) is what motivates me day by day, just as it motivated Jesus. He knew exactly what was waiting for him at the end of his earthly trials because he’d been to Heaven and he wanted to go back more than anything else in the world – even more than all the wealth and power that Satan offered him.

Do you dream about going to Heaven? Is Heaven what motivates you day by day?

If you knew what Heaven was really like, I’m sure it would be all you wanted and all you would be working for. Nothing else would matter, and anything that got in the way between you and Heaven you would remove from your life without a second thought.

Bad relationships would be history.

Addictions would be instantly dropped.

Thoughts of revenge and unforgiveness would be banished from your mind.

You would happily and willingly do everything you had to do to align your will with God’s, like Jesus did.

The wonderful thing about aligning your will with God’s is not only the joy you feel when you’re in the “God groove”, but also how easy everything becomes when you throw yourself into God’s hands and do whatever it takes to stay in his grace.

There is no better place on Earth than living 100% aligned with God’s will. That’s a safe place and a joyful place and a fun place and an inspirational place and a very, very, very blessed place. You will never want to leave it, and then one day – if you keep playing your cards right – it will be time to go Home.

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