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Holy Bible

Jesus said: “If it is by the Spirit of God that I cast out demons, then the Kingdom of God has come upon you.”

Jesus said: “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”

Jesus also said: “My kingdom is not of this world.”

Without a doubt, and from the evidence of Jesus’ own words, God’s prophesied Kingdom has come. It was heralded by Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah, who is now ruling over the Kingdom from the right hand of the Father. God’s Kingdom – the Age of the Messiah – is here and now and has been for the past nearly 2000 years. Those of us who are born again are priests and prophets in the Kingdom. We are protected from our spiritual enemies. We live in profound peace that the world cannot match. The Kingdom cannot be taken away, as it is an eternal Kingdom and our enemies are under our feet. They must steer clear of us and have no jurisdiction over us. We truly are free in that we live free of fear within God’s perfect protection. These are promises made by God through his Old Testament prophets, and all these promises have come true in Jesus and through Jesus in the very present Messianic Age.

We live in the Golden Age, the Age of Mercy, the Age of the Messiah. We live in the Promised Land of the long-awaited Spiritual Zion. As born-again believers, we know that and understand that through God’s Spirit and through God’s Holy Scriptures. We also know that when Jesus does come back, he’ll come in a glorified body, not an earthly one, and he won’t be staying long. In fact, his feet won’t even touch the ground; he’ll send his holy angels to gather the few (very few) remaining believers and then leave the Earth to its final destruction.

And yet, preacher after preacher, priest after priest, minister after minister and pastor after pastor assures us that only when Jesus comes back will he finally set up his kingdom and rule over it on Earth for a 1000 years.

How can they get it so wrong?

Very few scriptures have been so blatantly misinterpreted or misapplied as the so-called millennial reign of Jesus. But let’s consider for a moment who benefits from people believing that Jesus will come back in the flesh to set up a kingdom on Earth. Well, the main ones who’ll benefit aren’t actually people – they’re what Paul calls “spiritual wickedness in high places”. To deceive people – especially those who are born again – into believing that Jesus has come back would be a coup for Satan and his fallen followers. Satan’s human followers (the wolves in sheep’s clothing) will also benefit, so they’re busy arranging behind the scenes for the three main belief systems – Christianity, Islam and Judaism – to meld into one global religion. The falsely informed Christians are waiting for Jesus to come back to set up his kingdom, the falsely informed Muslims are also waiting for Jesus to come back to set up his kingdom (after a descendant of Mohammed clears the way for him), and the Jews are, of course, still waiting for their messiah, who, when he comes, is supposed to rule the world. You see how all these assumptions dovetail into an earthly kingdom being ruled over by a messiah? This is why the false narrative about Jesus coming back to set up his kingdom on Earth (even though Jesus told us time and time again that his kingdom is not of this world) is being pushed in Christianity.

Don’t be deceived.

Some of the Christians pushing this narrative are simply ill-informed, while others are not Christians at all (though they claim to be) and are deceiving people on purpose. This is why we not only need to go to scripture to affirm or deny all public revelations, but we need to read scripture through God’s Spirit, not through our own understanding.

Yes, Jesus will come back (just before the final conflagration of Earth), but not to set up a kingdom. The Kingdom is already set up and running. If you’re born-again, you’re in that Kingdom and you know it, and so do the spiritual entities around you. You are marked as “Property of God” and your enemies steer clear of you, but your spiritual brethren protect you. In particular, you’re under the special protection of God’s Holy Spirit, who guides you as well as protects you. This is the fulfillment of God’s promises through his prophets. I, a former avowed atheist, would not be writing this today as a born-again follower of Jesus if God’s Kingdom were not already here and now.






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