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the death of church

Jesus told us nearly 2000 years ago that what God wants is people who genuinely want God. He’s fed up with lipservers and people who feign worship out of social obligation. God wants people to come to him in spirit and in truth, like Jesus did. Through spiritual rebirth, God has enabled us to come to him in spirit and in truth. And yet, nearly 2000 years later, mainstream Christianity still banks on people showing up at church once a week to fork over their hard-earned cash. (And they don’t even have to come to church, if they set up automatic withdrawal.)

This is not what God had in mind when, through Jesus, he invited to worship him in spirit and in truth. He did not envision a building that people would feel obligated to sit in once a week and give money to. He had that in Judaism, which, for the most part, was dead in the water already 2000 years ago (so dead in the water, in fact, that it didn’t even recognize Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah when he showed up). Jesus told us that if we worship God as God intended us to worship him, we won’t have to go to Jerusalem anymore, meaning we won’t have go into a temple or church to be in God’s presence – we’ll be able to be in God’s presence anywhere and at any time, as long as we’re born-again. Jesus said that wherever two are gathered in his name, there he is also. I am one and God’s Spirit is two, so Jesus is with me now.

The real church is the collective of born-again souls living on Earth. It is not a building in Jerusalem or anywhere else. THERE IS NO MORE HOLY LAND – there are only born-again believers who are vessels of God’s Spirit, the way that Jesus was his vessel. You don’t have to go into a designated building to be in God’s presence, though you can go into a building to be with fellow believers, if you want to. Or you can go to a park, or a café, or a library, or a house, or just hang out with your spiritual homies online.

There’s a part of me that would like to see every church building on Earth trashed and burned to the ground, the way that Jerusalem was trashed and burned nearly 2000 years ago. There is not now, nor was there ever, a need for church buildings, not since Jesus walked the Earth; church buildings only stand as a separation between us and God. That, and most of them are full of idols and graven images and people who would rather not be there, including priests and ministers.

God is as fed up with Christianity today as he was with Judaism back in Jesus’ day, and you know what that means. Time to get your spiritual house in order. Time to make a choice: you either stand with God and Jesus and genuine born-again believers, or you stand with everyone else in the corrupt, decayed and crumbling “assembly of the mockers”.

There were many in Jesus’ day who believed in him but were afraid to openly follow him because they didn’t want to be kicked out of the synagogue or to be socially isolated from their friends and family. They made their choice, and it was the wrong one.

What will you do?

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