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bow only to God

God’s justice is perfect. Everything about God is perfect. There is no imperfection in anything he is or does, so his justice must also be perfect.

God’s justice permeates Earth and everything and everyone on it. You cannot escape God’s justice; it is built into you and everyone around you. You may say that you don’t believe in God or don’t agree with his justice, but God’s justice will still prevail over your beliefs and opinions. It is inescapable and perfect.

I mention this because there is currently a pandemic of people in every nation complaining that the state of the world is unjust, and that the way to make the world just is to defund the police, tax the rich, replace politicians, topple statues, redistribute money and property, shorten the work week, and so on and so on. The gist is that the way things are is wrong and so it must be changed, and violently if necessary.

But this “the world is unjust” viewpoint clashes with the perfection of God’s justice. Those who are unhappy with the way things are are looking for scapegoats (history, politicians, police officers, pancake syrup, etc.), insisting that if these scapegoats were removed, erased or canceled, justice would reign and peace would finally be established (“no justice, no peace”).

But God’s justice is perfect. The way the world is today is the collective outcome of our thoughts and actions from all our yesterdays. Politicians and systems are not the cause of injustice; they are the outcome or fruit of our actions. And because they are the outcome or fruit of our actions, a corrupt populace has earned corrupt politicians; violent people have earned violent law enforcers; people who steal have earned authorities who steal from them. What goes around, comes around. Or as Jesus put it – treat others as you want to be treated, because that is exactly how you will be treated.

This is God’s justice in action, and it is inescapable, unavoidable, everywhere, always, and perfect.

You won’t get rid of police brutality or political corruption by getting rid of the police or politicians (or the deep state behind them). No. All you’ll accomplish (depending on how you go about getting rid of these agents) is either more of the same or something worse.

If you genuinely want to make the world a better place, this is what you need to do:

Be a better person. Be honest in your dealings. Give people the benefit of the doubt, but don’t be a sucker. Learn to discern the difference between genuine need and con artistry, between a genuine apology and lip service. Understand that people have to feel the consequences of their actions if they are to learn from their bad choices. Cushioning them from the pain they’ve brought on themselves will not help them learn what they need to learn. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that things will only get better under a different political system or politician. People get the leaders and systems they’ve brought on themselves. If you want better leaders, be better people.


Once again – God’s justice is perfect. Denying the perfection of God’s justice as it plays out in the state of the world will not make things any better for anyone. In any case, scripture reminds us that things will only get progressively worse the closer we get to Judgement Day, so anyone peddling “justice” based on political or social change is just selling you snake oil.

Humanity as a whole is on a relentlessly downward trajectory, regardless of how advanced its technology or how thinly the collective wealth is being spread. The occasional brilliant flashes of light come not from any “social justice” achieved but from the relatively rare phenomenon of spiritual rebirth. Otherwise, the world is a very dark place and growing darker by the day as believers die or are killed, more and more people fall for Satan’s lies, and the love of many grows cold.

Jesus tells his followers to be perfect even as our Heavenly Father is perfect. The world is a reflection of the choices made by all people, past and present. Passing new laws won’t improve the world; removing authorities won’t improve the world; railing against “the system” and destroying historical monuments won’t improve the world – the only way to improve the world is to make GODLY (“perfect”) choices, as those choices will be added to the balance of God’s justice, both individually and collectively, ultimately giving a better outcome.

This is an individual choice. Our collective circumstances can only improve if our choices as individuals improve. At the same time, we will not suffer as individuals if our choices are godly while the choices of those around us are ungodly. We will not pay for the sins of others. Jesus did that, and it is now fully done. It doesn’t need a redo or an extension. God is not asking us to suffer for other people, but he does expect us to take what’s coming to us without complaint. Remember what happened to the Hebrews in the wilderness when they complained? They didn’t make it to the Promised Land.

We are NOT all in this together. We are in this as individuals making choices as individuals, with an outcome individually and perfectly customized to each of us and reflected in our individual lives and day-to-day circumstances. If your life sucks, you did it to yourself. If the lives of those around you suck, they did it to themselves, and it’s frankly none of your business. Let them work out their mistakes with God, if they choose to do that. It’s their choice. You don’t get to act as mediator and take on their burden. That’s not your job. When you show mercy to the merciless, you only grow the evil inside them. This is the main reason why Christians the world over are considered so weak and gullible – they keep rushing in to “save” people who don’t want to be saved in the way they need to be saved.

Help those who genuinely ask for your help. God will send them to you or show you who they are. Helping for the sake of helping (volunteerism) is a waste of energy and often ends up making those you “help” bitter, dependent, and demanding more. Many of the problems in today’s world are the result of misapplied charity.

Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.

Always choose the good, regardless of what those around you are choosing.

And do not be swayed by the frenzied mob; bow to no-one but to God and Jesus.

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