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A big part of being born-again is witnessing our faith. God wants us not only to be a believer but to share our belief with the believing and unbelieving world. But what does “witnessing” actually mean? Is it giving a formal or informal presentation, like a speech or a lecture? Is it cornering unbelieving friends and relatives and grilling them on their sins? Is it going door to door or standing on a street corner handing out pamphlets to strangers?

Most Christians believe that witnessing is something you do extraneous to your everyday life, something special that you prepare in advance. But the truth is, witnessing is what you do all day, every day: In other words, it’s your life.

With our every word and every deed and every thought and every click, we witness before God and before the world of believers and unbelievers. We also witness before the spiritual realm of the fallen (whose sole goal is to get us to lose our grace), and before artificial intelligence algorithms that follow us around cyberspace and real space through internet-connected devices. Witnessing is not something you prepare in advance or do “special” – it’s everything you do. It’s how you spend your waking hours in the sight of other people, but also (and more importantly) what you do when you think no-one sees you.

That is your witness. You witness before God, people, fallen spirits, and advanced technology. When I was an atheist, one of the main reasons I dismissed Christianity was the witness of the people I knew who called themselves Christians. Sure, they went to “church” every Sunday, but Monday to Saturday they lived like me, and I was deep in sin. They never preached to me or tried to slip me a pamphlet – they just lived sinful lives in front of me. That was their witness.

We need to be aware of this. And we especially need to be aware that what we do behind closed doors, online, and in our head is just as much part of our witness as what we do in public. There is no “OFF” button to witnessing.

Remember that.


  1. Sally says:

    This post really spoke to me, and I thank you for it.

    Most people would never see the browsing history on my computer, but God does.

    Most browsing is to genuinely increase my faith, for example, I looked at my history and noticed my search : ‘Did Jesus eat chicken ? ‘.

    But then I also notice my searches for ‘best wrinkle creams”, and I realize that I am still a work in progress. 😄

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  2. We’re all a work in progress, Sally, that’s why we’re still here. I don’t think God minds if you do a search on wrinkle creams. Jesus had a cloak that the Roman soldiers thought was nice enough to flip a coin for. God’s OK with us wanting to look our best, and he likes to give us nice things. He just doesn’t want us to focus on that stuff.

    The good news is — no wrinkles in Heaven! We’ll all be young and effortlessly beautiful, like God’s holy angels. Perfect skin, perfect everything, forever!

    I can’t wait!


    • By the way, what did you find out about Jesus eating chicken? lol

      Speaking of eating chicken, when I was born-again, I was chicken-sitting some pet chickens for a woman in Australia. Before I was reborn, I hated the things and didn’t want them anywhere near me, but after my rebirth, I fell in love with them. They were like my babies; they’d follow me around and fall asleep on my lap when I’d sit outside in the afternoon.

      I couldn’t eat chicken for a year after that!


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