I have stepped back from advising people what to do in certain matters that shall remain nameless here (lest the blog be banned), but other Christians have been quite vocal and even bullying.

I don’t agree with their pushing their point of view on others in this matter.

For Christians, some decisions MUST be made under the advisement of God, not of people, not even of so-called spiritual leaders, and certainly not under the advisement of worldly so-called experts.

Jesus was a healer. Healing was the focus of his ministry work, whether physical healing or spiritual healing. Usually when the spiritual healing was accomplished, the physical healing happened at the same time.

That’s not to say that all physical ills and chronic conditions are a manifestation of sin on a soul, but most are. That being said, I don’t believe in applying factory-made chemicals to heal an illness. I do believe in applying pain relief, though, for some circumstances, knowing that the pain relief is a temporary fix, not a healing. But true healing comes from getting to the root of the problem and dealing with that, not with merely treating symptoms, whether current or anticipated.

There is no instance in scripture where Jesus applied healing to someone who wasn’t sick. He just didn’t do it. Jesus healed only those who presented as sick and were in need of healing, and he trained his disciples to do the same. He never performed preventative healing.

These are my thoughts on the topic that shall remain nameless here. We are to follow Jesus in everything we do. If Jesus didn’t do something that we’re being goaded into doing, then we shouldn’t do it, either.

Again, these are just my thoughts on the matter. In all instances involving life-changing decisions with far-reaching consequences that affect both your life in the world and your life in the Kingdom, you need to take it up with God. But keep in mind that Jesus is your example, if you’re a born-again believer. And Jesus was a healer.

He still is.

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