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Someone asked me today which church he should attend that isn’t “lame”. He wanted to know if there was anything better than Catholicism, because he’d had bad experiences at Catholic churches.

This is what I told him:

There is just one church – God’s.

And God’s church is never lame.

God’s church is the collective of born-again souls that are still in earthly bodies on Earth. It is founded and headed by Jesus, and all of the members are called and chosen and faithful. They don’t get to join God’s church on their own volition; God calls and chooses them. As long as they remain faithful, they will remain in his church.

That is God’s church on Earth, and there is only one (and it is never lame). It meets 24/7; there is never a time when God’s church is not in service, and everyone in it wants to be there. They cannot imagine wanting to be anywhere else on Earth other than in God’s church.

Buildings and organizations that call themselves churches are not God’s church. They are buildings and organizations that are at best social clubs and at worst cults. But they are not God’s church.

When Jesus started God’s church nearly 2000 years ago, he envisioned a time when buildings and organizations would be considered the church, and he warned his followers about it. He said that God is looking for people who will worship in spirit and in truth, not in buildings. Paul also warned us, saying that wolves in sheep’s clothing would try to prevent people from entering God’s church by taking over the social club churches and cult churches and teaching the sheep lies. The wolves are in control of those churches now and have been for some time. Paul’s warnings were accurate. There is not one of the social club churches or cult churches that the wolves don’t control.

The only church that remains true to the teachings of Jesus Christ is God’s church, and there is just one of those. It meets wherever true believers are, and it’s always in service, night and day.

That’s the church you should attend.

How you get into it is between you and God.

Ask him for help, and he’ll show you what to do.

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