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There’s no such thing as a spiritual vacuum.

If someone refuses to have God and Jesus in their life (remember, God and Jesus are a two-fer, you can’t just get one or the other) – if someone refuses to have God and Jesus in their life, some other spiritual entity will take over that spiritual real estate, and it won’t be a good entity.

The same happens with nations.

When a certain percentage of people in a country turn against God, the blessings and protections that God brings to that nation are removed. We see that over and over again in scripture. God doesn’t even spare his own people, if they continuously choose evil and refuse to repent. Born-agains, too, can fall away, if they choose to.

What we are witnessing now is the spiritual, economic, and cultural implosion of formerly Christian nations under the guise of a “pandemic”, all leading to a global revolution that is at heart demonically inspired. None of this could have happened if the people in those nations had chosen the good rather than the evil. When evil is chosen, it is welcomed, and when it is welcomed, it comes in and makes itself at home.

Over the short term, evil may have the appearance of good, calling itself “equity” and “justice” and “inclusion” as a rallying cry. But at some point, the rallying becomes bullying and the suggestions for “fair treatment” become doctrines of man enshrined into laws, replacing God’s Law. And suddenly we are threatened with arrest for calling a man a man instead of the woman he prefers to be called.

Evil always reveals itself eventually, though at first it usually comes masked. This is why Paul says to test the spirits, so you can see what is underneath the mask. We well know that Satan appears as an angel of light to non-believers and believers alike.

Spiritual real estate is the most precious commodity on Earth. It’s not bought or sold on any stock exchange, but there is not one soul that is not under some form of speculation. Born-again souls are of especially high value in this market. We are fully protected by God’s Spirit, yes, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be tested, that doesn’t mean that our souls aren’t coveted by evil spirits. Remember how Jesus said to Peter that Satan desired to have him. Satan desires to have us all. Just as there is more joy in Heaven over one sinner who repents, there is a similar celebration among the evil spirits when the righteous fall.

So you can imagine the celebration going on now as church buildings and the Bibles in them burn and the children and grandchildren of God’s faithful turn their backs on God – whole nations turn their backs on God – and choose evil.

There is no such thing as a spiritual vacuum. When God’s Spirit and protection leave a place, devils rush in to claim it, and its end is death. As Jesus said, it would have been better for that spiritual real estate never to have existed at all.

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