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With the US and Canada gearing up for what looks like another lock-down, many people have started stockpiling supplies again, hoping to beat the rush. Rising prices and rumors of lost crops due to drought and wildfires have also spooked people into panic-buying before prices skyrocket. Even worse, there is a very real threat that the “unvaccinated” will be banned from stores soon if health passports are adopted for general use stateside and in Canada

But none of this should affect us born-again believers. We are not preppers. God did not call us to panic-buy food, water, ammo, or whatever. He called us to prep in his Word.

Here’s why.

If not already, very soon we will be outlaws. No genuine born-again believer has willingly taken the shot, and at this point it is still by consent. You have to consent to be injected with the experimental drug, and I can tell you as a word straight from God that no genuine believer has consented to be injected. Lots of alleged Christians have taken the shot, but no born-again believers have taken it. And they won’t, which means that when the shot becomes mandatory to move around in public, born-again believers are going to be on the wrong side of the law. That makes them outlaws.

Like Jesus.

And like Jesus, we’ll be on the run. There’ll be places we can’t go because we’ll likely be arrested and possibly forcibly injected, or at the very least incarcerated in containment facilities (i.e., concentration camps). But there will also be safe havens scattered here and there. God always makes safe havens for his children, but you have to go to them; they won’t come to you. And don’t expect to hunker down in the safe havens. These will be temporary places of safety only, as no place will be safe for long. Think of how Jesus moved around: at first openly, living in houses, and then furtively, sleeping rough, until finally he was arrested.

Behold, your future!

Which is precisely why being a prepper is actually anti-Christ (that is, against Jesus and his teachings). Because when you’re on the run living as an outlaw, what are you going to do with all your preps? You can’t take them with you. At most, you’ll be able to take a knapsack or something similar, but you might not even have time to grab that when God tells you to leave. Remember that Jesus said you shouldn’t even go back for your coat. When God gives you the signal to go, you go, and if it’s just with the clothes on your back, then it’s just with the clothes on your back.

God will provide for all your needs, as long as you stay loyal to him and Jesus.

You have no chance of surviving either physically or spiritually if you plan to hunker down somewhere with all your preps. What are you going to do when someone comes to get you or your supplies (or both)? Are you going to shoot them? Evangelize them?

When Jesus told us to sell whatever we had to buy a weapon, he wasn’t giving us permission to kill people, certainly not over food. He meant for us to carry a weapon as a deterrent. Strangers will see us armed and give us a wide berth. That’s the point of having a weapon, not killing people. Jesus would NEVER advise his followers to break a Commandment.

Again – God will provide for all our needs if we remain loyal to him and Jesus. That is the full extent of the preps we need to do: obeying God and his Commandments and following Jesus.

There is no instance in the New Testament of anyone prepping, other than for the one guy who filled his barn with supplies and then died the next day, and he’s meant as an example of what NOT to do.

If you’ve prepped, you’d better make your peace with having to say good-bye to it all, because if you’re genuinely born-again, at some point you’re going to have to leave your preps behind. Don’t be like the rich guy who Jesus advises to sell everything and follow him, and the rich guy gets depressed because he doesn’t want to do it. Don’t be that guy. Be like all the ones who, when they got the call, walked away from everything and followed Jesus.

As for what do with your preps, here’s a thought: Sell them and buy yourself a weapon.

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