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Have you ever had the feeling that you’re in the wrong church? That you’re wasting your time? That you’re being asked to do things and give things that you don’t feel like doing and giving?

If you have those feelings, it’s probably because you are actually in the wrong church. You’ll know a church is wrong because it will do the following things:

  1. Guilt you into giving money
  2. Guilt you into volunteering
  3. Leave you emotionally and spiritually flat
  4. Be full of people you don’t like and don’t relate to
  5. Guilt you into attending events you don’t want to attend

There are more identifiers of wrong churches, but you get the point. The wrong church is just plain wrong. Period. It might have some good points (nice pastor, nice building), but overall it leaves you feeling that there must be more to church than what you’re experiencing there.

The reason that you’re feeling this way is that the wrong church takes from you rather than gives to you. It drains you rather than feeds you. It expects you to support it rather than it supporting you.

It expects you to support it rather than it supporting you.

The right church, on the other hand, supports you without you even having to ask for support, because its sole purpose is to support you and others like you in your journey home to Heaven.

Which church is the right church? Well, it doesn’t hold services in a building and it doesn’t identify as any particular denomination. In fact, it doesn’t hold services at all, because people in the right church don’t practice their faith: They live it. They’re not in some kind of endless dress rehearsal where they passively learn a script but never actually perform it. Those who are in the right church don’t need a script. They ad lib, with prompts from God’s Holy Spirit.

The right church is God’s church, which is the collective of all born-again souls on Earth. Jesus is the high priest in God’s church and everyone else is a minister.

God’s church is the one and only right church for all true believers because it’s the only one that can support you in the way you need to be supported. In return, it expects nothing from you other than that you remain loyal to God and Jesus. It costs you nothing to join God’s church and doesn’t require any financial contributions from you at any time.

Every church that isn’t God’s church is a worldly organization that needs you only because it needs your money and your energy. Worldly churches take, whereas God’s church gives. Worldly churches demand your support, whereas God’s church offers it.

When all is said and done, every worldly church is a wrong church. There is no right worldly church.

The only right church is God’s.

Are you in it?

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