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YouTube is crawling with false prophets, and not only of the usual sleazy human variety.

The biggest Christian prophecy channels on YouTube are AI-generated,

As you know, AIs are artificial intelligences (computer programs, essentially) that “learn” from data. They train the same way athletes or apprentices do – by being given a task, partially failing at it, and then learning not to do the failed aspect in that exact way again.

I’ve spent as little time as possible reviewing Christian prophecy channels on YouTube, but I felt something was just so odd about some of them that I decided to do a little bit of digging (investigative journalism is not yet dead!). What I found explained not only why the videos seemed “off”, but how so many could be generated in such a short time.

The videos on numerous prophecy channels are being created by AIs. Even the the voices and text for the voice-overs are AI-generated. The whole production is as fake as you-know-what. And Christians are lapping it up.

Here’s how it works. The AI is fed a few words or a word-stream topic, such as “betrayal Jesus friends”. It then scours the Bible for relevant scripture that includes those and related terms. Next, it grabs the quotes and generates text commentary based on those quotes. That’s why these channels are so quote-heavy – the Bible quotes cue the AI on what to generate as bridge text between the quotes. This bridge text is then audio-fed as a voice-over.

You can’t see me, but I’m sitting here laughing. I can’t think of any other suitable response to this scenario than laughter. I’m laughing at the chutzpah of the people who created the channels and who are likely not even Christians. I’m laughing at the millions of Christians who are watching and subscribing to this AI-generated Bible-quote factory, and I’m laughing at the absurdity of people who prefer to learn about God and Jesus from a garbled AI word-soup than from God’s Holy Spirit. That third bit of laughter is tinged with a deep sadness and has sobered me up.

The Deceiver is all around us all the time, as scripture warns us. Everything that is of the world (like YouTube) is deeply compromised. If you want an AI as your pastor, that’s your choice, but it’s a bloody stupid one, and you’re going to be led astray. Some of the Bible quotes I saw on these AI-generated videos were inaccurate. Initially I thought it was just a translation issue, but the errors are likely being done on purpose. AI is another way to preach another gospel.

Don’t be deceived. Learn prophecy from a verified KJV Bible you can hold in your hands, read to you by God himself, through his Holy Spirit.

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