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I’ve written here before about professional liars, meaning politicians and mainstream media, and the feigned nemesis of mainstream media known as alternative media (most of which is controlled opposition). But last night when I was watching a movie, I had an epiphany of sorts about another field of professional liars – actors. Unlike politicians and the media, actors don’t hide the fact that they’re lying. They openly pretend to be someone they’re not, to be doing things they’re not actually doing, and to be living lives that don’t exist. And here’s the kicker – the better they are at pretending to be someone they’re not (that is, the better they are at lying), the more accolades they receive.

The more “believable” their lies, the better actors they allegedly are.

Which still doesn’t hide the fact that they’re professional liars, that is, people who lie for a living.

Like politicians, nearly all actors lie for money. If they weren’t getting paid to lie, very few would do it. So when you see actors on stage or on a set speaking lies, they’re at work. They’re doing their job. Their job description is to lie.

Some actors have a “natural talent” for lying, while others have to take lessons to learn how to lie better. I know something about this, because I took lying lessons when I was a teen-ager. And then I would go on stage pretending to be someone I wasn’t and to be living a life that didn’t exist, but I foolishly did it for attention and applause rather than money. All that work for only a few seconds of adulation. I was an amateur liar.

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that people choose to lie for a living. The world is, after all, the realm of the Father of Lies. It’s only fitting that those who live in the realm of lies and are under the authority of the Chief Liar should themselves choose to lie for a living. I guess it’s those who choose not to lie who are the oddballs here.

Oddball signing in. The instant I was born-again, I was spiritually shifted out of the realm of lies and into the realm of Truth, and I’ve been here ever since. The thing about living in the realm of Truth is that you have a God-given sixth sense about lies. You can sniff them out much better than those who are still under the thumb of Satan. When Paul says to test the spirits, he’s telling us to apply the spiritual sniff test to see whether someone or something is of the realm of Truth or of the realm of lies.

Sadly, there are those who pretend to be in the realm of Truth when in fact they are still in the realm of lies. They’re false prophets, and most of them, like politicians and actors, do it for money. If they weren’t being paid to pretend to speak God’s Word, they wouldn’t do it. That doesn’t absolve them from lying, it just offers an explanation of sorts (the lust for money being the root of all evil). Others pretend to be in the realm of Truth because they’ve been lied to about what the realm of Truth is. They believe the lies, and so believe themselves to be in the realm of Truth, when in fact they’re still very much in the realm of lies. They’re being deceived.

Amidst those who purposely lie for a living and those who are deceived, there are also those who lie not as stagecraft or as a political tool, but to manipulate for their own devices. These are psychopaths and sociopaths, and we’ve all likely had personal dealings with them. Most professional liars are borderline psychopaths; you’d have to be, to spend so many hours of your waking day lying. The main difference between professional liars and full-on psychopaths is that professional liars know they’re lying (that is, they can set a difference between when they’re lying and when they’re not lying), whereas psychopaths set no difference between lies and non-lies.  They are so deeply embedded in the realm of lies that, like Jesus says of Satan, when they speak a lie, they’re speaking their own.

It is a sorry thing that people choose to lie for a living or to lie for perceived gain. Our time here on Earth is so short, that to waste it either knowingly or unknowingly lying is a great tragedy. You are not on the narrow path if you lie for a living or live a life based on lies, and if you’re not on the narrow path, you’re not on the way Home. If you’re not on the way Home, there is only one other destination, and that is not a good one. There is no applause waiting for you there, no pleasurable rewards, no accolades of any sort, only pain for all eternity. Because, ultimately, pain is the true reward of lies, whether the lying is done for money, or for adulation, or for personal gain.

As for me, I don’t think I’ll be spending any more time watching professional liars ply their trade, no matter how good they are at it. If it’s a waste of a life to lie for a living, it’s a waste of time to watch those who do it. And time is something we should never waste.

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