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The first lines of John are a reworking of the first lines of Genesis, about God creating Light and seeing that it was good. Throughout the ages, until very recently, light was synonymous with warmth. The sun is bright and warm, fire is bright and warm – all natural and derived sources of light up to and including the incandescent light bulb were both bright and warm. The two qualities of brightness and warmth were universally considered part and parcel of light.

God, for all his perfection, is not known for his personal warmth. I laugh to myself as I write this, because I know God to be very warm. He’s as perfect at being warm as he is at everything else. But “warm” is not one of the character traits that immediately spring to mind when people are asked to describe God. “Almighty”, “all-powerful”, “omniscient”, “perfect”, “eternal”, yes, but “warm” rarely makes the list. We should remedy that.

Jesus, on the other hand, personifies warmth. Even when he’s yelling at his disciples, you know he’s not doing it because he despises them, but because he cares for them so much he doesn’t want them to fail and go astray. Jesus’ interactions with the sick and grieving, and especially with the very young, reveal a classic warm personality. John, in his reworking of the opening lines of Genesis, frames Jesus as the Light – a light that not only has the eternal brightness of his Father, but also his Father’s eternal warmth. Both the brightness and the warmth that characterize Jesus come from God as inherited traits.

Just as Light comes from and originates in God, so does the quality of warmth come from God.

Light that is bright without the underlying quality of warmth is an abomination. It’s fake light. Not surprisingly, the Satan-inspired powers-that-be who have eliminated God and Jesus from public spaces have also done away with the warmth in light – even going so far as to make it illegal to buy certain lightbulbs that radiate warmth. Light, in post-modern, post-national, post-Christian globalism, has to be coldly bright rather than warmly bright.

The ptb’s henchmen – the environmental brown shirts – have labeled any heat-generating devices not specified for use as heat-generating devices as verboten and “bad”. They’re removing the offending devices from the market or are shaming those who use them into giving them up. Only artificial light that is cold is considered acceptable and “good”. With these changes, we are being reprogrammed to view cold light as good and warm light as bad. There’s always a reason for programming that defies the natural, God-given order, and the reason is never good.

The sun’s warmth is likewise being demonized, with “solar dimming” aerosolized spraying projects up and running as we speak.

I imagine that Satan, when he appears as an angel of light, will shine coldly. There will be no warmth in him, or maybe just a cloying feigned warmth, like the fake flames in the fake logs in electric fireplaces that blow hot air, or the computer-generated “fireplace” on TV that has sadly replaced real fireplaces in most homes.

I move around a lot, and everywhere I go, I replace the cold light bulbs in the rental units with warm ones. This is my silent protest against cold light.

Satan may yet win this battle, but we win the war.

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